BTC healthy pullback

BITSTAMP:BTCUSD   Bitcoin / U.S. Dollar
Decreasing volume
Daily bearish divergence
Rising wedge projection possibly revisiting 10500 support
BTC .D showing signs of weakness
CME gap unfilled
Bounce of long term trend line can fuel strong momentum going upward
Comment: Too much optimism is also possibly bound to a correction
Comment: Let us see if it hits the probable targets


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nice work
This will happen. To all new traders out there, beware. Ensure proper risk management if trading with margin. This is also a perfect opportunity to massively increase your amount of BTC by selling in the levels presented by Cyxz9c3kk7
Crypto_s0n Cryptonerd1
@Cryptonerd1, thanks for your friendly reminder regarding risk management. There are a lot of traders going long with margin now and it is going to burn their account. What do you think will it bounce the 10500 strong support or fill the CME gap?
Cryptonerd1 Crypto_s0n
@Crypto_s0n, In my opinion we will see a bounce from the 10k level based on the VPVR. But i don't think it is probable that the bounce would be strong enough to liquidate shorts done at the levels we are at today. According to my humble analysis there is significantly more room for profits by shorting ETH where there is no obvious strong support before 250$