BTC/USD Main trend (small part). Channel. Pivot area.

BITSTAMP:BTCUSD   Bitcoin / U.S. Dollar
Timeframe 1 week. Marked the reversal zone and price levels from which further trend development depends.

The squeeze is a reset on March 13, 2020.
By the way, this trend was significantly broken by the squeeze (on the line chart on a large timeframe it is not visible, this is the most important thing) during the reset on 13 03 2020.

This did not prevent the price from going from 3,990 in a short time of 13 months (from the main trend position) to 66,000.

Note the volume .
This is probably the most important thing, both now and most importantly before, especially at the highest price highs.

Turns out, physical Beethoven is in short supply before the soon to be collapsed modern financial system and the super reactive printing of fiat currencies, in particular the US dollar .

Main Trend (long term, full from the start of trading).
BTC/USD Primary Trend. % of Secondary Trend Highs

By pressing "play" on the chart, notice in what zone and in what trading situation on the monthly timeframe we are now.

SP 500 and Dow Jones.
To understand the potential more likely movement in the cryptocurrency market, watch the SP 500 Index and Dow Jones. At the moment (as before), there has not been a decoupling of the cryptocurrency market from the stock market. Perhaps someday it will, but at the moment it is not being observed.
SP500 Index Buy Twitter 44/289 (Manipulation Warnings)

Secondary and local trend
Part of the secondary downtrend (red line) and the local trend (purple).
This reversal zone and work in it locally.
BTC/USDT Local trend. Pivot zones.
Comment: Most of the secondary trend (channel).
On a larger scale, this reversal zone.
The marker conditionally showed price directions in cases of breakout/non-breakthrough (fixing/not fixing) of trend and local support/resistance levels.

With a high degree of probability, stops will be knocked down now (long / short). At such moments, locally you can make good money primarily on alts. Remember to take risks and don't flatter ahead of time.

The price at the middle of the descending channel is a secondary trend.
Very nicely, by this clamping of prices in a narrow range, they drew a potential canvas of a descending flag. Also, the price has now been pushed to the breakout zone of this local downtrend (purple, red on the local chart).
Comment: today 18 06 22 The price squeezed exactly 17,666. Rebound. Exactly at the level that was shown in the publication of this idea earlier on 9 06 2022 (96/22)

At least someone understands the logic and not randomness? If yes, then I'm happy about it, if not, I don't care. Each person himself must realize and understand, this is the meaning. I can give, direct, partially chew, but "swallow yourself", if you feel that you "choke" like most, then it's not time yet.

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