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Sup Peeps,

Ok so I have been looking at the charts today because I wanted to make a new TV idea, and I noticed something. WE HAVE BEEN IN A BULL MARKET SINCE JUNE 29!!!! Every single one of those waves up that we have had since June 29 has been actively price-suppressed by the whales (those magnificent b@stards). Bitcoin and the alts have had weak hands sloughed away every month for half a year now. If you have been selling bitcoin at these prices for anything non-essential YOU ARE A FOOL. OK now for the analysis:

I said in my last idea that what we are waiting for is a new catalyst. Something to demonstrate that Bitcoin is in a new cycle (not something to bring about the new cycle; we have been in BULL since late JUNE). Something to tell the lemmings in the regular world "maybe I shouldn't have my retirement money in Facebook stock" and to get them into thinking about bitcoin .

I believe that that day has come. It is the US Election Day people! It is looking like the democrats have a reasonable chance to take The House (they are not taking The Senate no way in hell lol). The democrats have said that they will focus on attacking business, and the stock market has been bleeding out in anticipation. People are jumping out of stocks and conventional investments all over the world like rats off of a sinking ship.

Whether or not the democrats actually will attack business is a moot point. Investors think they will, and Wall Street is preparing for a "Red Dawn" situation (lol the soviets are in the streets!!! lols SELL SELL SELL!!!) All the smart money will go into bitcoin . THERE ARE VERY FEW OTHER SAFE INVESTMENTS. If you disagree ask Tether people. They can try to put their money into dollar stores and canned food companies, but there is only so much money you can put into dollar stores and canned food lolz.

I truly believe this is the last moments before the blowup. I truly believe this is what the whales have been waiting for. I truly believe this is what all of us bitcoin investors have been waiting for all year. Global market collapse, rising inflation , distrust of conventional investments. This is where we see if Bitcoin has the minerals.

Current Portfolio Composition:

BTC 19,4 %
ETH 27,8 %
BCH 14,7 %
LTC 11,2 %
XRP 20,9 %
BAT 6,0 %

I'm not kidding people. The stock market will crash this week. Smart money goes to CRYPTO.

Comment: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=62rfLjnP...

Even BLOOMBERG agrees with me LOL the next downturn will be WORSE THAN 2007!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Comment: If you don't want to listen to me OR Bloomberg



The man owns the largest private investment firm in HISTORY
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Comment: The doom and gloom only happens if the democrats win the house race. If the republicans win we are looking at a few more months of kicking the can down the road. Even if the republicans win though it does not ignore the fact that the US financial system is held together with cum and lies lol Due to quantitative easing EVERY single conventional financial tool is very highly overvalued. We are waiting for a debt crisis people. The debt crisis is coming as well as winter (GAME OF THRONES IS ALSO COMING BACK YO!!!!)
Comment: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PHe0bXAI...

A really good video explaining debt crisis :)

Ray Dalio is my hero

The current interest rate cannot be lowered any more to stimulate economic growth. They must be raised again before they can stimulate growth again. If it doesn't happen soon, it will happen within 1.5 years, no question. Quantitative Easing is a one time use trick. It cannot be done again.
Comment: My BCH is killin it YO!!!
Comment: https://www.forbes.com/sites/michaeldelc...

This isn't news, but do you know what happened on October 15 when this was announced? THAT GIANT GREEN BAR. The highest amount of volume since April 12. Not only that it was the largest shakeout in bitcoin history. That is the longest upward wick EVER. The fools are out, now we wait.
Comment: The current bullish sentiment expressed by numerous cryptocurrencies is very real interest. The biggest difference now is whether or not the whales want to smack down the price AGAIN. I believe they will allow it to grow, especially since the last stop loss was weak AF.
Comment: I have sold 30% of my BCH for BTC I took a nice bit of profit but I am still in there ;) I sold between .081 and .088 bought at .068 and .071
Comment: I sold half of my BAT for cash I am happy with a 10% gain


I sold half of my BAT for cash I am happy with a 10% gain
Not Yet :) .. Bear Flag building, More down to go!

@CryptoFido, My friend thank you for the comment! In this idea I am predicting a stock market tumble to the ground if the dems get into power. This might be the catalyst for the impending crypto wave ;) With your chart though, it is ignoring the critical growth trend line from march 2017 to February 2018. That is the most current trend to point from in this current state of bitcoin. Your trend line goes from June 2013 to March 2017. In 2015 bitcoin was used for many different things then it is used for currently: SR 1+2, dark web sites, tech dweebs (you know I love mah tech dweebs!) Currently Fidelity is getting involved with bitcoin https://www.fidelity.com/viewpoints/active-investor/beyond-bitcoin that is not anywhere close to what was happening with bitcoin in 2015 :) The trend line from march 2017 to Feb 2018 points to active price manipulation DOWNWARDS we should of corrected in the April-May boom... but we didn't. I wonder why we didn't..... (PRICE MANIPULATION)
I disagree with most of your doom and gloom and also your bullishness on crypto but your head is in the right place and you are thinking about the right things, more than most people these days, so I like I shall grant.
@texagg22, Many thanks my friend, btw Texas A&M is my alma mater WHOOP! lol The doom and gloom happens if the dems win the house ;) if the republicans hold everything the can will be kicked down to road maybe another quarter or two. I am very NON POLITICAL, but my portfolio is praying for a democrat victory. They have stated multiple times they want to tank the economy just to make Big T look bad.
@texagg22, I just released my website with my algorithmic Fundamental Analysis. If you have a spare moment I would appreciate your opinion. After Nov 2018 I changed my trading strategy to focus on algorithms instead of emotions. Here is my site:


I am trying to help traders manage their risk appropriately and pinpoint optimal entry and exit points based on FUNDAMENTALS not emotions. Let me know what you think
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