COINBASE:BTCUSD   Bitcoin / U.S. Dollar
Our trigger was the failure rsi weekly retest our psychology was the run of seller liquidity with as buyers was exited for the new high above pervious structure as the market created liquidity for that and then dumped price. We caught the very top with basically no sl straight into huge profits

This was a classic signs of manipulation before a major trend reversal
Will we b long term bearish I doubt it only cus the pair started and was made under bullish divergence but they will continue to shake holders out as I said over a year ago bout the psychology behind this market n why it’s not a good invest for the average and it’s only for the riches who can hold such big drawn downs

Every post we ever did on this pair prepared u for every move that happen shortly after

It’s been very easy to read BTCUSD why? It’s filled with retailer human emotion and it’s easy to see the operator take full control over it and exploit it
This is a bad pair to invest in unless ur in their class or have a supreme understand of market psychology and 99% of traders do not and get ate alive chasing fast returns

There’s much to learn here
Drawl downs don’t effect them at all only those who brought as a drawl down to them only means a cheaper buy up and they are not afraid of negative numbers unlike retailer so my advice study n learn why and what was done here it’s not random it was setup this way and there are gems to unlock on how the operator move price in its rawest form here

Gl !