Bitcoin and Gann's Square of 52 Reversal - Mirrored Foldback?

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The image you are seeing is a rare (only because not many people use it) and old form of technical analysis from WD Gann's work: the Square of 52. The Square of 52 is a 52 week time cycle that begins at an important high or low, in this case the all time high of Bitcoin . What we have here is the exact center being traded, and it's at the bottom of a downtrend.

More than that, the mid point in the time cycle of the Square is also a 180-day Gann cycle. According to Gann , the 180-day cycle has these behaviors:

180 Day Cycle

Is the next most powerful cycle after 90
High probability of support or resistance
180 days up or down will usually start a countertrend movement or reverse the trend
180 days from all significant highs or lows must be watched for trend changes
Against extreme momentum and/or pitch, can go 192 days.
What we may observe is what the great analyst Michael S. Jenkins called a 'Mirrored Foldback'. If it doesn't trade it in structure, then it would trade it in shape, in this case the triangle. A foldback is a mirrored move in the structure that repeats its prior move. This is not an anamoly of the market, but a constant that we can see throught past price history.
Trade active: Mirrored Foldback still showing signs of continuation.
Trade active: Mirrored foldback with the current price action

Comment: Financial Astrology Dates associated with most recent price action.

August 7th - Sun Square Jupiter
Red Vertical - August 23rd - Admetos Square Sun
Blue Vertical - August 24th - Uranus AND Saturn Trine Sun
Mars exits its retrograde cycle.
Trade active: After the monster drop, Bitcoin falls right inline with the Mirrored Foldback Pattern, this just created the swing low - we should observe some days of rising but choppy trades before the next massive blow out move beyond the most recent swing high in the 7400 value area.
Trade active:
Comment: 1. Gann arc acting as a support zone.
2. Long-term uptrend line below, alons with short term trend line.
3. New Moon phase started September 9th.
4. Pivot it in time on the 14th, well within the zone for a reversal based on that cycle.