BTC/USD Short - RSI Trend Rinse & Repeat

BITFINEX:BTCUSD   Bitcoin / U.S. Dollar
Wait for hourly bounce to reach 60 RSI and start scaling into a SHORT. Continue scaling in while/if it keeps pushing to 70 RSI .

Close when Hourly RSI breaks below 30 again. Rinse and repeat.

May 15
Comment: Unfortunately clicking the play button only updates the price, not the RSI indicator. As you can see below, the hourly RSI reached 60 RSI and continued to push to 68ish. I started scaling into a short when we reached 60 RSI. Will close when we reach 30 or below RSI.

May 15
Comment: Hourly RSI Reached 28. Short CLOSED for now.
Entry: 8710 Average
Exit: 8310

Will Reshort when hourly RSI bounce reached 60 RSI. Continue to scale til/if we reach 70 RSI hourly.

May 19
Comment: Started scaling into a short at 60 hourly RSI and continued til we reached 68. SHORT Open.

Entry Average: 9355

May 19
Comment: Correction: Entry Average is 8355 not 9355. Will update on position exit