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At bitcoin , we are experiencing a new uptrend and overcoming important price action and market profile levels. Currently, bitcoin is hitting the weekly gap and the weekly selling formations, which will be very important and we can expect suspension there - see the screen below. At the same time, Bitcoin overcame a very important price action swing high on the daily timeframe . the price of 10440 is a very important level and below is also GAP formation.

In the screens below you can see key levels from price action, Value area, vwap or orderflow methods.

I hold positions from previous ideas that I shared and am currently waiting to pullback to key levels where I will trade.

More descriptions about my trading.

🎉Every day I publish my intraday analysis and key daily, weekly levels based on the MarketProfile method.
For the indicator that shows you my levels directly in your chart, write me in a comment.

❗️Now I'll show you how I trade Long/Short levels and how you can trade them with me.

📲In the chart you can see Long / Short levels into which I enter directly through the limit and then I control them based on the volume . If the market does not respect the level and starts to form a volume in the negative zone, I try to end the position at the breakeven point or stoploss. I set the Profit Target according to RRR or according to key levels and S / R zones. These levels can also be traded from the other side, support becomes resistance and vice versa.

Key levels are usually traded by waiting for confirmation or some setup on a smaller TF. These are very strong levels at which turnovers often occur, so they consider them to be very successful and the advantage is that they are based on the Market Profile method, so they can trade in any market.

❗️First of all, when I have the level ready, I have to set a Stoploss.

Stoploss is determined by several criteria. First of all, it must not be too far away and also it must not be in an area that serves as a magnet such as POC , Key Levels or a stoploss zone, where the market will run out of liquidity.

Stoploss determined by.
✅1. Pivot High / Low
✅2. Logical zone according to VolumeProfile
✅3. Low Volume Node and High Volume Node
✅4. Outside of key levels

Hope It helps!
Comment: Weekly chart and swing high low descriptions

Comment: .
❗️ Initial Balance

✅ It is an area of ​​initial equilibrium that is based on Market Profile and is calculated for various time frames, from intraday to invest. In essence, it is the range of maximum and minimum price movement in a given time frame and it is multiplied using Fibonacci sequence.

✅ These levels are respected by large institutions and that make them very strong trading zones. At the same time, these are very key levels that are significant for our trading and they work in all markets.

✅ Thanks to the reading of the Initial Balance range, we can predict with a certain probability whether the upcoming period will be rather trendy or, on the contrary, rotating in the price range.
Comment: ❗️ Support and Resistance tool

✅ The SR tool combines the benefits and levels of VWAP and Initial Balance into one indicator. Graphically displays levels based on the Market Profile method. Displays key levels for day, week, month and year. Our unique levels are also encapsulated there.

✅ This SR tool is very popular due to its usability in all markets that contain volume data. Thanks to the SR tool, the initial orientation in the market is very fast and pleasant. At first glance, I see key levels for any trading style. I use the SR tool for analyzing and creating levels, but also as a strong indicator for determining stoploss and profit.

✅ For example, if the level of the SR tool is based on the area of ​​your entry into trades, it is a strong confirmation of your analysis, and conversely if one of the levels in the area where you want to determine profit, you can expect a price reaction from this level and possible failure to reach full profit.

Comment: ❗️ VWAP or Volume Weighted Average Price allows us to use a moving average enriched with volume information.

✅VWAP is based on a Gaussian curve of normal distribution, where it is proven that 68% of all trades are in the area of ​​the first standard deviation. In our case it is VAH and VAL. The largest volume of trades is at Point of Control.

✅Our visualization can also show the second standard deviation, where 95% of all trades between VAL2 and VAH2 occurred. The VWAP therefore consists of five developing levels and five levels of the previous session. VWAP visualization can be displayed on any time frame, both for intraday trading and for invest. VWAP allows us to display and predict the probability of trend movement, key levels or predict the transition of the market to rotation.

❗️ Curently Developing Profile

✅The currently Developing profile is the current value of all VWAP levels, which changes over time according to trading volumes and price movements. When the price moves to deviations, a bounce from the deviation level and a return to Fair Value (POC) on a non-trend day can be expected with a certain probability.

✅On a trend day, on the other hand, we can expect price movements outside deviations and bounces from deviations towards the trend. The main idea of ​​the deveping profile is that the price can never stay outside the fair price for a long time and returning to the fair price is only a matter of time.

❗️ Point of Control and standard deviations from the previous trading period

✅The main difference between historical and active emerging is that historical levels remain at the same price levels throughout the current session, and therefore these levels can be taken as S / R levels.

✅These historical levels are very important and key areas for the upcoming trading session. They can often indicate us which direction the market will go or which type of trading session we can expect, whether trend or rotation.

Comment: .
❗️ Orderflow Chart

✅ We created the Orderflow or MultiTimeFrame POC for our own trading, so that we can see these important levels from all time frames in one chart and be able to use their confluence and thus improve our analysis and / or trade management.

✅These MultiTimeFrame POC levels are displayed in a graph on all time frames and can be used from intraday trading to investment. Thanks to the graphical display of horizontal lines, we can see a fair price on any timeframe from higher time frames up to an annual timeframe. This allows us to use these levels as very strong S / R levels or as clues to manage our trades, stoploss and also profits. The fair price from the time frame 480, 960 and 1440 minutes is shown by thin horizontal lines. In contrast, weekly, monthly, and yearly are shown in thick lines.

✅ Fair price levels help us a lot as a supplement to another analysis, where we are able to find out whether the area of ​​our S / R zone is also supported by the orderflow level from higher time frames.

✅ On timeframe 5, 30 and 480 minutes, the volume nod (fair price) on each candle is automatically displayed. This fair price is unique in that a unique algorithm is used, which uses values ​​from a 1-minute graph to calculate a fair price. Certain TFs were selected due to the complexity of the script calculation. We most often use these volume nodes for trade management.

Comment: Check the reaction on the monthly POC - shared the level in the last screen

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