Smart Money vs Retail traders (How to Think Like Smart Money)

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😱 There were a few people there talking about their losses, that they had no idea what to do and I wrote this to them:

It's mostly the fault of mainstream media + youtubers + twitterers etc. It's really easy to communicate the simplest approach that everyone understands and subscribes too. Note that if everyone is on the same side... Usually most people are wrong. They take past events too much at face value. But the market is constantly changing. Its to buy on the upside and not during pullbacks + HODL HODL HODL. With that said they really have no idea where they should get out and get in. That's fine by the way. News can be picked up by any of us from the news portals. They don't inform anyone about the negative side of things. It's a tough place to be and you can't take it half as seriously as it is communicated. Unless you are an investor (REAL) you are looking at the market long term. A multi-year perspective. Of course it doesn't pay off here either. The crypto market is still pretty damn small. No one is too late. Now most of you are losing time, but everyone has to start somewhere. I was in the same situation in 2017. I was drowning. Now I'm still looking at these corrections from + xxxxx% profit. Unfortunately we have to give ourselves time in the market and endure pullbacks of -20-30-40-50-60% to see 3000% profits. Realizing upwards during the upswing is not a bad thing. For me, a huge part of my strategy is to have a lot of money on the sidelines. That's why. Especially on 4H trend changes I sell everything that is not bullish . Then I sell others too if they break the trend and just trade.

💡 We are in the best market in the world, but psychologically the hardest market. If you learn to manage these things and use volatility to your advantage rather than your disadvantage, then it's a game changer.

💡 Institutions (fund managers, pension funds, banks and whales) think in long term horizons and monitor price action based on that (Years, Decades) Small investors, retail traders monitor things in low time frames (Minutes, hours, days). Small investors quickly switch between optimism and pessimism based on current price movements and news in the media. It can be a bull market one day and a bear market for a small investor the next. Institutional investors are not sentimental, they assess the growth rate of the market sector, the total market size available, the adoptation/acceptance, the growth of the network, the analysis of revenues (to predict profitability years and decades in advance). If an institutional investor draws a conclusion, they hold it until the underlying financial situation changes. Small investors usually have limited money to invest, so they often resort to leveraging, which typically results in full liquidation. Leveraged trades have "unlimited" potential losses, and therefore small investors (who do not like to buy spot because it is not "cool") can easily "drop out" of trading because of the "unlimited" losses from leverage. Think about it... as a retailer, you have your precious and hard-earned money on the line. Do you have time to lose what you've worked hard to earn, or even more? Why can't you accept that this is a profession? We study in university for 3-10 years to get an average salary afterwards. But here we are not willing to spend a couple of years without constantly taking time away from yourself with losses? Levrage are not bad. The user is the dangerous one.

😱 There is a reason why 90% of retail traders lose money.

💡Institutionalists brazenly exploit those with few resources and fear. Institutional investors have access to billions of dollars worth of resources and have teams of quantitative/statistical experts who control the automated trading algorithms.
Institutional investors have deep pockets and can influence the general sentiment of the market through the press (news, social media and interviews). Institutional investors influence the news that small investors read. Institutionalists are well known for advertising higher prices to retailers to "buy at the top", This is the FOMO factor (Fear of Missing Out). They are also notorious for creating tremendous market fear (FUD - Fear Uncertainty and Doubt), which encourages retailers to "sell at the bottom".

💡 Institutions are also actively involved in futures , options and derivatives markets. They all actively benefit from short-term price cycles as well as longer-term accumulation strategies. The institutions are sophisticated, financially strong and have expertise. Institutions make money by attracting small investors into the market (via FOMO) and then liquidating their positions (via FUD). In the market, one person's loss is another person's gain.

💡 There is a learning curve that 90% of your people want to skip and get rich overnight. Unfortunately, this is not reality. Knowledge is incredibly important. If you want to be a doctor, or a surgeon, you don't just walk into the operating room and say give me a knife and I'll cut this guy open and operate him without any knowledge. You really have to know what you're doing. If you're an engineer or you want to be an engineer, without training or knowledge, it would be very difficult for you to build a bridge or a skyscraper. You need the knowledge. If you want to be a teacher, but you don't know the subject matter, it would be very difficult to teach students in a meaningful way if you don't even know what you are teaching. So it is essential to acquire knowledge, but that knowledge has to come from the right people. So mentoring is also vital. Everyone must also understand the psychological aspects of investing and trading. Because a lot of people lose money in the financial markets. Not because they are stupid, but because their emotions get the better of them. Focusing on learning is incredibly important, it changes your life. Of course, this doesn't just apply to investing and trading. It applies to everything, which is why the financial markets are so incredible in their ability to create meaning in life, if people are open to it, and if they don't focus too much on money, then money will simply be the result of doing things the right way. Over time, if you do things the right way, you will become rich, you don't have to become a millionaire overnight. If you want to do that, you will probably lose all the money you put into the hands of institutions that want your money, want you to be captivated by a fantasy world.

The reality is that you need the knowledge to fight the big players and win.

💡Self-control is also a must. All wealth will pass without self-control. Self-control makes you keep the money you earn. There are many examples of this among people who have won huge amounts of money without earning it. For example, people who win lottery. These people basically give back all the money they made because they didn't really earn it. A lot of times, the money they didn't earn is put back. When you earn money with self-control, you never have to give it back! It is yours and will continue to grow.

💡 The key is to get off your ass and get moving. Remember these things and you'll be fine.


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