Bitcoin USD Fractals

BITFINEX:BTCUSD   Bitcoin / U.S. Dollar
**Not Trading Advice**

while analyzing multiple crash charts( Qcom , Gold , Nasdaq...etc) I noticed similar patterns when a reversal has taken place. IMO I don't believe we will see crazy moon shot candles in such a short time but will be gradually going up but then again this is crypto so always expect the unexpected.

Once again not financial advice just my own personal "Biased" forcast :P


Finally someone showing a reality check now the bear market is over
You're not showing ANY correction AT ALL between now and end of July- that just doesn't seem realistic IMHO (even for crypto bud). We just had a big rally from 4200 to 5400, it doesn't seem likely that we will moon-shot to 9k in a couple months. Best case scenario, BTC does make it to approximately 6k where it meets more resistance than any group of whales would ever be able to plow through on first run, SO, if BTC does make it 6k, she's coming right back down for the short term- how low? That remains to be seen, but investors will want to see the asset test at least one major support (4500, 4000, or the weekly 200MA) and have it hold before we advance past 6k- imo, of course. All the best
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@W3rN0tAl0n3, lol well ;)
@H3H Buddy cool strategy. I think everything will work out. I will follow you, interesting how it will end
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@IgorPorokh, ;) thanks so what do u think.
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