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Hi, my dear friends.

Just to remind you.

I am working as an accountant. I like numbers and analysis. My hobby is music, concerts, kite surfing, and new technologies.
I am an ordinary guy.
I have learned technical analysis from my colleagues on trading view, from multiple courses and books.
Within a year I was pretty good at this.

Here is another crypto story:

1. I bought my Bitcoins for $45 000.

2,3,4. Within days the sell signal showed up. The price didn’t cross EMAs so I decided to keep this position.
I am so glad I did it. After another couple of day,s I took my 30% profit. I am not greedy nor fearful.

5. Wow. Oscillator says BUY. I am optimistic and patient.

6. That is a safe sell signal. I don’t hesitate and take my small profit.

7. Another buy signal. That is awesome I thought. I always remember to set my stop losses.

8. Ups not this time. Stop-loss fulfilled. I am remaining calm and emotionally stable. I don't want to feel stressful.

9. Another BUY signal. I am consequent and I am buying.

10. 3 days letter I am taking my profit. It is small but safe. I don’t forget to be cautious.

I missed one trade possibility. I had to spend some time with my friends and family relaxing and chilling out.

11. On January the 10th there was a heavy dip. Let’s wait till it gets calmer – I thought.

12. Ok on 14th of January it looks like a safe buy signal. I am buying but as usual, I don’t forget to set my stop-loss.

13. Within hours large green candle appears. I am selling even though there was not a signal to do it.
I took my small profit. Still, it was a good day.

14. On 18th of January another buying signal comes. I am in.

15. All EMAs are broken in just one day. I am deciding to sell. Don’t want to miss such an opportunity. I have to use such

16. Another buying opportunity. Again I am in.

17. Not much money earned but still in plus. I am a happy guy.

18. This is real-time info. Signal says it is time to buy. Additionally, we are about to touch local support which is 10 days minimum. The supply has been falling down for nearly 2 months. All we need is more demand.
I am buying not forgetting to set my stop loss.

So guys.
This was another crypto story to give you better insight into how patience and persistence can influence your financial situation.
Both greed and fearfulness are equally bad.

John also has a PERSPECTIVE.
He invests in technology, ideology and what is also very important he does it with a long-term perspective.

How are you feeling after reading this?

Please leave your comments down below.
Have a wonderful weekend.

WBM Team.
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when did you buy for $ 45,000? lucky
+1 Reply
BTCUSD H4 Correction up. Checkout the idea detail's and all the update's for the complete picture.
I like it, it's similar to my strategy, except most of the time i forget the stop loss! Thanks for sharing!
I work as a Psychologist and I actually found this chart extremly interesting and usefull. I keep track of the charts and really like your attitude, TA and balanced aproach. I can say that this is a well thought strategy which will give anyone a good trading mindset.
WBM_Team Kub0Lo
@Kub0Lo, thank you :)
Anyone get here from this guy spamming his charts on other charts?