Crypto bull calls: a running gag.

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Remember when I told you there would not be a "great consensus" bull market, that it was stupid, and the price would fall once it happened?
Remember when I told you there would not be a "great ETF" bull market?
Remember when I told you there would not be a "great bakkt" bull market?

Pretty sure I did the same with CME futures but that was before my first trading view post.

Well, bakkt futures were launched this week, and the first day was... a complete failure.
A grand total of 65 Bitcoins have been traded.
What a surprise...

Would be nice if the price went back up to 14k and made a double top but I won't hold my breath.
The question now is how many brainlets will think I am calling precise top & bottom with the green line I drew?
They love to take them extremely seriously, even if I vaguely draw them really not trying to call precise prices,
except when the price follows that line, because in that case I was being sarcastic. OF COURSE!

CME futures launched the 17 December, and when was that? Oh, that was the very top!

When was the great consensus? The 14-16 may 2018.

The great ETF bull market, another failure that crypto clowns try to hide. But I remember. If you look hard enough you will find traces of it, proof...

This week we had Bakkt futures , which of course, once again, are "totally different", and comparing that to the past "is ridiculous and shows your lack of understanding". Lmao how can these people be so cringe?

And then it will be the same with the halving... What a market...

It's over.
Comment: I have only 1 question for Bitcoin complacent baghodlers:

If we enter in a great depression, and as a result you:

- Lose you jobs
- Speculative investment tank (and BTC goes to zero)


Comment: This was your last chance to buy under 10k! ;)

Ah my bad I meant above 10k.
Comment: Possible going to take a few days to die...
Comment: Inside bar (inside the bigger one) forming on the 4 hour chart.
Looking like a dead cat bounce for now.

Price can recover and go to 14k but I'll still see that as a top.
A really good short entry too.

What can also happen can also be terrible for holders.
Buyers are getting exhausted, after each "bull market is back" less people are interested.

Bitstamp Coinbase Kraken volumes are down.
95% of other exchanges by volume have been proven to be fake (all wash trading).
There are plenty of exchanges, volumes are up on binance.
But I think generally there are less buyers, and in particular much less new buyers.
No one is looking for "bitcoin" on google anymore, interest is smaller, most people in are from late 2017 or 2018.

So anyway, what is the big risk? I'm willing to bet 99% of crypto holders do not know this, but in other markets you have specialists/market makers that are obliged to buy and sell if a participant wants to sell/buy.
They have an obligation to buy even if there are no buyers in the market they can then sell to.
During 1987, market makers were begging their banks to lend them more money telling them otherwise the whole country would collapse, taking second morgages on their homes.
There is no such thing in crypto.

The moment there won't be any buyers, there won't be specialists obligated by law to buy.
What do you think will happen then?
Comment: Bulls were right about 1 thing: The halving is coming.

Seriously, I think BTC can bounce in the 3000-5000 area, then go halve a few times again, and then bounce at 1100-1800.
Comment: It's really looking like your average dump.

I see this over and over...

The 3000-4000 area is only a 2.618 extension, nothing too crazy actually.

Here is a 3.618 extension on an indice (more if you do the textbook thing), chart is the same as BTC 2019 bubble, go up, distribute, go back to base.

There is really nothing special...
Juts facts. Bulls are just super delusional.
They're not arguing that BTC can never fall below 400 in 2014 because it happened.
When BTC falls below 3000 they'll act like it's normal.
It's possible they will all have predicted it, in hindsight of course.
Ignore all the hype and people with conflict of interest telling you to buy the dip.

Look at facts, learn how markets move, and do not risk more than you can afford to lose.

This IS a possibility:

This what the railway bubble looked like, with so much hype, so much "muh new tech" "biggest revolution", so much "this time is different", and "back to normal", and "the bull market is back", and "Bears were wrong", "Buy the dip", they used the term "fear mongering" rather than "FUD" only difference otherwise same story...

Bitcoin could do this. If it went to 45k, imagine how excited the bulls would be...
Luckily it wouldn't last too long and common sense people wouldn't have to hear their endless mockeries and personal attacks.
They'd get rekt so hard and so fast <3
Comment: Market cycles applied, part 3...

This was my part 1:

Part 2:

Rince and repeat...
Comment: It will take less than 1 month for the price of this "bull market" to get back to 3000 ^^

Comment: When you are too tired to look at real markets, you start seing things.
Repeating the same patterns alot.

I hope BTC crashes soon ^^
Those cocky dumb money clowns need a good slap in the face.
Of course there will always be the hindsight losers, that will "have known all along".
Comment: 2 years it looked like scalpers could take advantage of this ponzi, and looks like nothing has changed. How is there any money left to milk?

I hope the price keeps going down for the next 30 days, I'm going to enjoy this.
Comment: This is what it is going to look like ^^

Made an idea about these echo bubbles, remember that every time it was different ;):!/B...
Comment: A new idea!

The gag has gone too far, and the bubble is bursting.

We are at most 2 months away from returning to 3k, and in less than 3 years, ZERO.

In this new idea I clearly demonstrate the dishonesty going on, and this shows Bitcoin is a ponzi/MLM scam/pyramid scheme, however you want to call it.

Comment: Bakkt was launched 1 week ago, and today volume is 5 Bitcoin for the monthly contract, and zero for the daily one.

Watch out, the big boys are connecting with Bitcoin.

Bitcoin has less than 2 months before returning to 3k, after that I can't tell how long before 1k, how long before 3 digits, and how long before zero.

The best move is to stay away from this ponzi and do nothing, except watch.
Comment: The SEC has rejected Bitwise's bitcoin ETF proposal.

While the outcome is no surprise, the SEC went beyond the call of duty, issuing an excruciatingly detailed 112-page order that reads like a damning indictment of bitcoin's market structure.

:) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :)
Comment: Interesting...

Comment: Some MIN & MAX maths...

The price has to explode up $3000 (so 11k) and stay above that, very soon (next 5 days or so) or the death cross will happen.

Crypto bulls became hysterical after the golden cross. So... even if they are very dishonest... we should expect the opposite reaction.

Price went up on Bakkt & Golden Cross hopes.
Every action has an opposite reaction all this.
==> Bull reasons disappear = Price fully retraces :)

It is well enough that people of the nation do not understand our banking and monetary system, for if they did, I believe there would be a revolution before tomorrow morning.


Just a reminder folks. this is the guy who went short on BTC right before it went from 4k up to 13k. So far the only thing he is good for is click bait. Slow clap for MrRenev.

Don't believe me? Here is the chart he posted:
+25 Reply
@Sherem, If he followed his own predictions he would already be out of cash.
+6 Reply
MrRenev Sherem
@Sherem, I have 150 ideas. You went through all of them to find 1 where I got stopped? Damn you must be angry you got rekkt...

I posted a few since then...

And before...

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upwards MrRenev
@MrRenev, you're a very sad individual.
+5 Reply
Jbergene MrRenev
@MrRenev, but you are doing the exact same. If you have 150 ideas, you are also bound to be right on some of them.
How is it any different
+2 Reply
Masterflo37 Jbergene
@Jbergene, He is more often right than wrong, it's how good traders win money :)
Jbergene Masterflo37
@Masterflo37, I actually highly doubt it. As you can delete, edit whatever to charts.

People sell you shit online and say they are good at whatever. In this case, all the tradingview "masters".

Tradingview should be different. Once you post an idea you should also be forced to post an entry point, exits or whatever. So in the end we would see if these masters actually made money.

Blockchain is pretty revolutionary. Why would it go to zero? Sure. Something can replace bitcoin. Sure, might not go over 20k again. Everything has its price. But zero? Nah. I'll eat my socks onemce that day comes (for crypto in general).

There's just so much that can be solved with it
@Sherem, not to mention that the barrage of charts he posted as evidence of his “good calls” are all total BS. They are either shorts that got squeezed or attempts at mocking rocket-posts. The funniest thing he is now trying to spin those as he was actually serious.


# Possible going to take a few days to die...
# MrRenev Sept 24,2019

That was in reference to bitcoin price. No ifs else or buts. Im looking forward to spins and excuses how he didn’t mean what he said and that stupid crypto clowns/idiots/Baggies misinterpreted everything.

Imagine how well this post ages but denial is guaranteed.
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How long have you been watching crypto ? Since 2017 ? If that's the case I can see your logic . You remind me of the market in 2015
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I had a good laugh with this pathetic analysis.
Bad but fun! Ahahaha!
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