Bitcoin, Where To Next After $30,000 Has Been Conquered?

BITSTAMP:BTCUSD   Bitcoin / U.S. Dollar
Ok, a great start we have today for Bitcoin ( BTCUSD )...
Sorry, the unstoppable Bitcoin.

Today, we look at the numbers.

Our last target was set beautifully at $29890... Bitcoin cut through it easily, so, where do we go next?

After conquering $30,000, with a candle close above this level (this means that this level is considered "conquered" only after today's candle closes, if the prices close below then this level still remains active), we then aim at $36,209 based on the Fib. numbers I extracted a while back.

So that's our next target, we are aiming for $36,200+ if Bitcoin closes today on a bullish note.

What's your take?
Where do you think Bitcoin is headed next?

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