Boom... Bullish Gartley Complete!

BITSTAMP:BTCUSD   Bitcoin / U.S. Dollar
EDIT: Definitely was too early, but the Bullish identification of the pattern still exists as a Bullish Bat as shown below. I believe we are due for another wave to finish off a bullish 3-drive scenario. Otherwise, top will be in around $730 once the rally begins... and we aren't there yet (8k BTC swaps 20/08/14).

It might be too early to call this, but I do believe we have a winner here! Explanation is in the chart.

The blue note icon isn't showing its text... :(
"If we fail to reach the green circle area after the rally to B,
then we will most assuredly follow the three dives pattern
shown here."

3-Drives pattern would basically be a complete fractal of our DEC 2013 rally.

Update (17/08/14): So we're still wavering here... gathering BTC swap steam for our explosive ride. Look for about 9k+ in swaps before someone decides to test the waters .