BTC bounce past key resistance, BUT likely to retrace from 38.8k

COINBASE:BTCUSD   Bitcoin / U.S. Dollar
Bounce got us past Genesis level at 37.489.
Structure so far is at best a 'leading diagonal'.
Worst case a corrective retrace, before new lows.

38,24x may well be the local top.
38,7xx is achievable before retrace.
40 ,415 next Genesis fib for hopium level.

Here is the "Genesis Fib" for reference It has defined every major turn for last few years.
Comment: Target hit!

And then some! pierced 39 round, color me impressed!


Zoom IN (5 min) to see what actually tipped it It was a 2.618, ALWAYS tough, and my mistake for not giving it more weight.
I did have that fib on the original chart above, and pondered it quite a bit.
But I ended up weighing in favor of a confluence with higher tf fib, lesson learned!

So now another CRUCIAL pullback inbound. Good first guess: the 2.618's sister, the 4.236 at 38,240
And that would be a perfect retest of local high,
and my initial target for this wave, good old 4.236


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