Bitcoin dumps to 3k to only RISE LIKE THE COBRA to 50k on ETF

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Its September 29th with this vision that popped in my head. I have no clue if itll play out. You say vision oh thats nonsense I only follow ta. Well guess what the people that make these markets know all about ur elliot waves and abc corrections and will countertrade your indicators. Fib levels, moving averages, emas, volume , liquidity zones ( vpvr) are all important in price action but you have to have that ability to call a bluff. No trader is perfect. Whales countertrade ta all the time. I firmly believe accumulation/distribution which shows buying/selling is the most important thing you can use in ta. Look at high volume to indicate accumulation before a move up to distribute the price to people who fomo in at a higher price
Looks like SEC is going after the bad actors in this space in October: well actually they have been going after them since the beginning of the year doing the investigative work. This along with the ta backed/planned whale dump will bottom at 3k or so, possibly at the 88th percent fib line which was brought to my attention by tradingroomapp guy on twitter . What if everyone was using the wrong fib lines and instead of beginning at the the old 2013 ath of like 1200 the whales have been using the 88th percent fib lines beginning from the first low of the 3k run high at 1.8k as their bottom fib support? In addition the on balance volume is much lower and will go very much in the negative which should form like a curved pattern which could indicate absorption. Watch out for the buy volume on the capitulation . It should be quite substantial. Its possible that we violently jump to the mid 3ks after the long term btc trendline breaks and immediately pop back down to retest it and find support there. The breakdown of the btc long term trendline will be likely be a beartrap that gets bought instantly, rekting bottom shorters and people thinking we going to 3k. Possibly make an inverted head and shoulder formation in the 4 to 5k range before rocketship a month later in yr? Would make sense since the market maker wants to absorb all your bags at a lower price and will create good liquidity for himself rekting both longs and shorters in in the 4 to 5k range until the retest and breakout of the 6k former descending triangle support? The market maker needs liquidity so these volatile swings are designed to make him the most money

Could it be that crypto yoda was right that everything leading up to this yr was a bear trap? Idk people are not expecting it and what people dont expect likely ends up happening. The legal frame work has been in the works since early 2018 and i bet the media has not let up on how advanced and ready it actually is. For example bakkt has been in the works for 14 months plus.

I bet they take btc to 20k upon the eve of the etf decision and the short squeeze up if approved. get normies to buy at a higher price and then damp ett . Maybe Arthur hayes was right about rekting btc shorts at 20k? This would shock normies that sold btc under 6k and make them want to fomo in.

The market makers just want to maximize profits and going from 20k to 3k and then to 50k would be in their best interests as it maximizes volatility
Sep 29
Comment: could it be there is no bitcoin being bought on exchanges because most of are them are bought otc to conceal what is to come in November so that they can buy as low as possible and bait non critical thinkers into selling their btc because the fake news media says that bitcoin is going to zero?
Jan 14
Trade active: etf will not get approved. bakt at some point will open. its a game of chicken