The 2020 Bitcoin bubble is about to pop! Capitulation is coming

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Our current bear market is playing out almost identical to our previous bear market. I break it down and show you how similar both bear markets are and why I believe real capitulation hasn’t even started yet. If you really delve deep and try to understand the actual structure of our last bear market you will see that everyone else has it completely wrong. If what I am predicting plays out, Bitcoin price will start dropping within days starting a cascading effect of panic selling bringing us to prices around $1200 and possibly even in the triple digits. Be safe and if you are in have a stop loss set. I truly believe bitcoin is setup for a huge drop and it’s a lot more bearish than most people are expecting. To access my bitcoin charts that play out live on all devices and my tutorial videos on how I create these charts, please visit my website at:


Just take a look at how many people follow his stupid youtube channel, watching him drawing circles all day long, then you will know why 95% losing money in trading...
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polskamon Dan_Wang
@Dan_Wang, What will you do when his prediction comes true and your bullish strait to 12k from now until April 2020 wont play out?
Dan_Wang polskamon
@polskamon, I will start learning how to draw circles
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polskamon Dan_Wang
@Dan_Wang, LOL. Me too. Honestly I saw them getting respected a few times now. Live or posted here. And while I don't understand why would that work or matter - it does affect the PA. Perhaps it's just the fact that people/institutions in the market also look at it and that's just it. IDK. I know that he gets too much shit from people while it's easy to check his record. And things like "always wrong" are not the case.
Delboy86 Dan_Wang
@Dan_Wang, yeah man sooo so stupid, its actually playing out what he said
Dan_Wang Delboy86
@Delboy86, don't jump into conclusion so soon bro, give some time you will know who is right.
What a total idiot
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You are always wrong with your dumb circles lol. Im a bear but you are beartard
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XE13ST00P snookerer
@snookerer, How is this a 'I told you so'? You literally called for capitulation at $5k. You called it at $7k, and at $10k and at $13k. Your entire "TA" has been wrong for an entire year. Get out of your ego and just accept you're brutally, utterly wrong.
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