BTC – money influx into crypto vs SP500 – global crisis

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Hi Guys!
All the important information is on the chart.
We think this might be the 1st day of economic crisis.
The question is though how it will influence the crypto market. Are crypto market and stock convergent or divergent during the time of the crisis?

SP500 broke down important support level marked at the beginning of the year.
This happened at the time when FED announced raise of the interest rate.
Just a couple of days before we marked a massive influx of money into BTC .

Somebody has bought 3 bln USD worth BTC at the beginning of December 2018. A well-informed person?
They created multiple BTC addresses transferring 8000 BTC on each wallet address.
This set of wallets starts at number 126 from the richest wallets on BTC network.
You can check it on explorer.

This post is an invitation to an open discussion.
Please do share them with the whole community your ideas, thought, hopes and threats.

Thank you!

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