Bitcoin to C. Model C + D. Predicitive Modeling Part 4.

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This is a continuation thread of the theoretical geometric linear regression from 3.22.18. The modeling sequence starts at Model A, transitions to Model B, and transitions to Model C. Each model is strictly built off of the preceding models geometric regression points. The regression points from each model, creates a geometric pattern of indicators, that can be read to PREDICT future trend movement, before actual indicators occur.

I have decided to explain each move I make regarding my theoretical modeling technique. This is part 4.

Red Bubbles = the past.
Blue Bubbles = Now + the predicted future.

I am going to try my best to explain, as we go... There will be lots of bubbles with text, explaining each move and why.. and how i make prediction cones, and patterns using geometric boundary lines and regression modeling.

This is A FULLY EXPERIMENTAL MODEL. Take it for what it is worth. I will continue to make these charts regardless of comments or jabs. They are made for a specific purpose and until my purpose is fulfilled, they will keep being made.

The idea here is to convince you, that what i am doing is not arbitrary but unique and useful. I know the immediate inclination is to doubt what I am doing. That is expected.. and understandable.. But human nature is unpredictable. And you never know when you can learn new things and be completely shocked at someones EXTREMELY insane ideas..

I like going against the norm.. being different is what makes you stand out.. So stand out from the rest..

So, watch what I do.. Ask questions, I will try my best to answer them.. if you are confused on how I got to Model C already. Skim thru my old charts start from 3.22.18. It is about modeling sequencing, and appropriate modeling coherence.

I want to try this different approach, to expressing myself in this realm.

As always thanks for looking,

Short to where?