The One Coin to Rule Them All - Chapter II

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Hello Crypto Compatriots,

It has been quite a while... Glad to be back.

Tears fill my eyes as I gaze through the ranks... So many comrades have fallen. The 2018 bear market has taken more than lives, it destroyed hopes and dreams.
Some unfortunate soldiers have given up on the their ideals, forgetting the possibility of a brighter future, one where Bitcoin overcomes the fiat tyranny.
And there are the ones who stand... You... You and You! The braves are still among us.
Whether you are a weathered veteran who already knew the tune, or a first timer, blue and angry, fear not!
It is time to reload, level up, and walk proud, as the story is far from over.

The honey badger may be beaten up and weary, but he's still standing.
Speaking of Badger, let's see what future lies for our broken hero.
Bit followed the long path at the feet of Mt King, too tired to climb, and still determined enough not to give in the sands of the desert of despair. He walked straight for as long as he could. Unfortunately, the road came to an abrupt end. A wall of rocky mountains stood firm ahead, forcing Badger to change directions. His only option was to head south, getting dangerously closer to the dreaded Reklands. home of the infamous Lord Rekt.

Here is the lay of the land:

I - Above 10,000 - Forbidden Eden
Beyond the green fields and pastures of the open plains lays one of the most enchanting region of Bulltardia. The Forbidden Eden is its name. Every crop harvested from its soil yields more than any other soil, and the fruits that grow from its trees have a incomparable sweetness. Would Bit reach the Forbidden Eden, he'd be able to rejuvenate and regain the strength that was drained by his bearish journey.

II - 10,000 - Wall of Ten
Erected by ten thousand men, the wall of ten protects the Forbidden Eden from Lord Rekt's army and other unwanted intruders. Bit will have to find a way through the weall if he wants to reach the Forbidden Eden, either via the gates or over the wall.

III - 6000 - VanEck Pass
The VanEck Pass is the safest and easiest way to cross the 6K rockies. Unfortunately, the pass is easy to miss and most of the roads that lead to it are in fact straying deeper into the valley, delaying voyagers with twists and turns.

IV - 2900~6000 - Valley of Confusion
Any adventurer who sets foot in the valley is immediately covered by a mantle of thick fog. Soon after, they will abandon their sense of logic and perception. It is said that the fog is nothing else but dangerous fumes of Hopium, released by the many geysers peppering the ground. Would Badger stay too long in the area, he might have trouble remembering which way to the moon, or even worse, why he came here at the first place.

V - 2800~2900 - Blood River
Legend goes that the river was dug by the hands of Lord Rekt himself, who then poured in its bed the blood of its victims. The river cascades into the great abyss to feed who-knows-what-lies-down-there.
A crossing boat (and toll taker) awaits at 2880. Let's hope the price to be too high for Badger to accept the ride.

VI - 900~2800 - Rektlands
There is nothing friendly about the doomed lands of Rektlands. If you ever pictured hell, that's most likely how it looks like, but worse. Its sovereign, Lord Rekt, feeds on the flesh and bones of the way too many poor souls that venture into those forsaken plains.

VII - 1250~1500 - The Altar of Ultimate Sacrifice
Everyone captured by Lord Rekt will be sacrificed to honor the beast. According to the lore, "One will be saved by the light of the Moon at the altar of blood". The so-called prophecy remains a myth, has no one has ever been rescued from the sacrificial knife. Once killed, the victims's body are consumed by Lord Rekt, and their blood poured into the sinister river.

VIII - 900 - The Last Hodler
The last living soul below known to live below 1K is called the last hodler. Even though he dwells in the land of Lord Rekt, he somehow escaped Rekt's torment by denying his existence. Years of hopium abuse have altered the Last Hodler's reality. Semi-conscious, he spends his day staring at the void of the abyss, physically lost but his mind dreaming the life of a bygone era.

IX - sub 900 - The Abyss
Nothing comes out alive from it... Nothing. And I don't want to talk about it.

Will Bit give another shot at the rockies or will he just take the path of least resistance? And for how long?
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May you stay away from all rekt and aflaot during the chops.

Good luck!
Comment: Many wanderers journeyed into the Valley of Confusion, only a handful ever made it back. If you are fortunate enough to cross paths with such a lucky soul, they would most likely tell you about the the Blood River and how well it bears its name.

Before even seeing the river, you’d notice its stench, brought by a thick haze, as thick as the deep red syrup that runs down its stream.

Like an open vein, the river drips through a land colored flesh. This is the precise morbid scenery that Badger was currently witnessing, trying to find its way thought much inhospitality.

Without any other point of reference, Bit settled to follow the appalling river upstream. He had hope in following this course. For a brief moment, the fumes dissipated. What was that? Did he see something, far up in that direction? Was that a glimpse at the Vaneck Pass? He could have sworn… Before being able to take a good look, the vision vanished in the mist like a ghost at daylight.

Bit was unsure…
Comment: Badger followed the path along river bank. He could feel the blood flowing in veins warming up as he got closer to the red waters. His entire body was heating up, and he could feel a rush of adrenaline. he came to a boil and started running as fast a he could upstream... towards the mountains.
It was the fumes... at least that's what Bit was telling himself when he realized he couldn't remember where he was or how he got there. All he could remember is the frenzied, frenetic pace at which he was following the blood river... That and a feeling of anger, maybe at himself for being lost for so long, or at the storm leech for having pushed him away into the desert. (1)

has was now at the footsteps of a mountain from which the red river was spitted out. The mountain was steep and there was no easy way up other than a near vertical climb. "That should have been where the Vaneck Pass lies" thought the badger, "I must have missed it."

Would he challenge the mountain or look for another way through? Bit wasn't sure. The haze of confusion was about to make another victim.

(1) See
The giant cliffs that stood in front of the badger were not revealing any place to climb. "What if I kept going a little further? There might be a better path" he thought. Bit kept walking at the foot of the mountains trying, not without a growing hint of frustration, to find a passage through the walls of stone. From time to time, Bit was taking a glance at the hazed valley from the corner of his eye. He had no desire to head back south, but doubt was in his mind, doubt that there would be any way in.
The climb was steep and tiresome. At times, Bit would worry about his grip failing him but step by step, he managed to climb the unfriendly mount. Once at the top, the view was stunning. Beyond the rockies was a setting of magnificent plains, and far to the horizon, he could discern a man-made structure, the Wall of Ten!

More importantly, the Badger had a vantage point from where he could analyze the best path to go through the maze of mountains. There it was, a short narrow path squeezed in between two cliffs. That short squeezed canyon cut through the rocks and ended at the plains.

Without thinking twice, Bit made its way to the entrance of the path and followed it. In no time, he was finally free from the treacherous land of confusion and no in the open. What else besides the giant wall in front of him could stop him?

(credits to @keithofaptos for coining the Short Squeeze canyon!)
Comment: The moon was full, casting its bright blue glaze over the plains. The same glaze was reflecting on Bit's skin, who was making his way through the the dense and extremely tall grass covering the fields, leaving behind him a trail of a darker hue.

Apart from a few natural obstacles, his course was fairly straight and easy compared to what he had to endure back in the valley.

The great wall of Ten was getting closer as was its imposing shadow. How would he cross it? Run and climb the vertical barrier, find a hidden entrance or go through the main door? The badger needed to prepare
Comment: Here he was, at the foot of the wall. The massive structure stood silent, casting its imposing shadow on the badger. From where he was, Bit could not perceive the top, all he saw was a monolithic, grey stone barrier, inexorable protector of the forbidden lands that were blooming beyond.

Whether he looked to his left or right, Bit was only being able to see more of the same, with no passage in sight. As impossible as it seemed, Bit's only viable option was to climb the wall. One crack or extruded stone at a time, he began his vertiginous ascent.

A loose stone and a bad grip, and the Honey badger fell back on the ground. Just a bruise, it would take more than one try and Bit didn't care. A honey badger never gives up.

Bit was in pain. His body had been heavily bruised after falling from the giant wall twice. He looked up, wondering how he survived such descents. Bit gathered whatever was left of his energy and proceeded to climb the unwelcoming surface. Even his legendary willpower had softened on the last the failed attempt, and the Badger didn't show as much confidence. This time, he'd try a little further east.

It was dusk when Bit reached the last stretch of his climb. Those last 100 ft are the hardest, offering nothing but slippery grips and loose stones. Each move was slow and calculated... The silhouette of a man appeared in between the openings of the parapet. The shadow, who seemed to look in Bit's direction, offered a helping hand. In no position to hesitate, Bit lunged to reach out at the hand. At that same moment, the man retracted his hand, leaving Bit grabbing on nothing but air. Balance was lost, Bit felt his body being pulled by gravity. A cruel grin appeared on the face of the dark silhouette as the Honey Badger fell... a thousand feet

Once again, Bit's body slammed onto the ground, adding a few more bruises and broken bones to its collection of injuries. The badger's resolve shattered. He stood there for a while, as if dead. Was he? Bit himself wasn't so sure.
Comment: The first thing that the Badger felt was a sharp pain. His head was pounding hard. The only thing he could think of was his skull being a cave where dozens of miners were happily planting their pickaxe, in search of a precious stone.

He had been laying there, at the foot of the impassable wall. Bit stood up. He could feel the weight of his fractured ribs, forcing him to hunch forward. He stared at the Wall one last time, and the gaze that used to be bring a feeling of challenge was now only provoking frustration and anger.

It's been a while since Bit felt defeated, but he had to come to reason: He won't manage to climb the wall, at least not here, not like that. With great disappointment, he turned around and walked down south, following the trail edging the Great Forest of DIstributionne.