The new trend I identified on January 28th has held true. Despite wanting to panic sell yesterday, I held to my strategy and Bitcoin is moving up again. The RSI appears to have bounced off of a historic resistance line at 52. Stoch RSI looks as if it is bottoming out and setting up for a new move up but this will not be true until blue crosses red and confirms above 20. We may be looking at a Golden Cross happening, signaling the return to a bull market (50 Day MA above 200 Day MA and price action above the 200 MA.)

If this becomes true I expect a fast, unhealthy move to the up side to at least 14k followed by a sharp decline. Current strategy is to hold unless a candle confirms below the current bottom trend line . (sell 50%)
If Bitcoin confirms below the 200 Day MA, sell 100%.
If Bitcoin goes above 14k , sell 50%.