Morror-painters on btc-e?

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It is just my design - usually they do not like to paint such a mirrored pictures, but whales are getting borred - buying into their own askwalls and it looks like they want reversal, back to downtrend (if we ever left it) - or just to end this shortterm mini-uptrend. We are in midterm downtrend still.
It may go down to 532 or 509 in your red lines, but overall this will be only a healthy correction. We are in the early beginning of a large uptrend.
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I would agree if we stay above 500$ for a month and won't make lower bottom. But looking on a 1D chart, I see top of downtrend channel on 600$ now.
"We are in midterm downtrend still."

Wrong. If anything the market is now in a marking time sideways in a larger range trade. The downtrend has already been broken. Noobs, lol
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Thx for your not-humble opinion ;-)
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