BTC 3D Alternative scenario price movement for 2021

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The negative background in the cryptocurrency market does not disappear, and the mood of traders has largely changed to bearish , the hope for an upward rebound is disappearing ...

Three months ago, we started warning about the possibility of such a scenario on the BTCUSDT chart, predicting the movement along the fractal .

But we did not stop there and continued to warn about a possible fall in the entire cryptocurrency market, publishing ideas about possible deep corrections among altcoins.

And today a thought crept into my head: "If the mass of traders on the crypto market is driven into depression and is waiting for a decline of $20 thousand and below, isn't this a clever deception of manipulators?"

And we started looking for a fractal of BTC price behavior that would match our thoughts and observations.
We bring to your attention: An alternative scenario of the price movement of BTCUSD for 2021.

The main goal of large players and manipulators in the crypto market is to confuse small/medium players as much as possible in order to take their assets. Known statistics that 10% of traders will make money on trading, and 90% will feed them. This usually happens due to the lack of a clear trading strategy, poor discipline, and a vague understanding of what the charts are talking about, what is generally happening in the market. As a result, while the price continues in consolidation, traders manage to drain the deposit, jumping daily from the bull camp to the bear camp and vice versa.

It is important to remember that sitting out of position is also a trading position! This position, psychologically, is almost the most difficult, because you want to make money every day. And the desire to make money every day is the biggest mistake of novice traders, which leads to a deposit equal to zero.

We return to the graph.
There is a trader's saying: "Sell in May and go away." And so it happened this year.

And what if we assume that all summer, which by the way has officially come today, the price of BTCUSDT will be trading in a broad consolidation with the borders of $32,000-40,000?
During this period, large wallets will rest on their islands, and their trading bots will manipulate trading in this trading corridor and take the last pennies in small deposits, accumulating their large positions before further growth.

And already with the onset of the calendar autumn, according to the fractal , a 3-month bull run can begin.
The upper target is $136,000-140,000 at the end of November 2021.

What do you think about such an alternative Bitcoin price movement ?! Write in the comments

But while the price of BTCUSDT is in consolidation, the alts may start to actively shoot upwards. Therefore, let's look for interesting altcoins for short and medium-term trades.
Write in the comments the trading pair you want us to analyze during the week.
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pedram55 P_S_trade
P_S_trade pedram55
@pedram55, :)
@P_S_trade little growth, interesting volume
it's a nuclear bomb i believe
P_S_trade reza_1515
@reza_1515, let's see) thanks for comment!
+1 Reply
@reza_1515 actually no growth
the ultcusdt rise was out of btcusdt rise(depends on btc pair so if btc rise we expect growth)
ltcbtc didn't move till now so we are going to see ltcbtc rise while btcusdt rise to higher levels
that was why ltc was so lazy in the bull run
P_S_trade reza_1515
@reza_1515, Perhaps. however, it is a fairly liquid coin. Liquid coins are much harder to show frantic growth
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@P_S_trade i learnt new idea
thanks man
P_S_trade reza_1515
@reza_1515, you are welcome)