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Dear Friends :)

I have the last couple of weeks, warned you again and again about extraordinary high manipulation in the Bitcoin-market ( BTC /USD). I received earlier today a link on Twitter to a blog on Steemit, where a guy documents, how a group of whales are discussing, how to manipulate a market.

I therefore decided to spent a lot of time to analyze the last 2 weeks of the BTCUSD-market. I have made a comparison between the last 2 weeks and Bitcoins Price movements in the past and also looked closer in to other traditional markets the last couple of weeks (with lower and higher Market Capitalization).

Let's first define manipulation:

Controlling someone or something to your own advantage, often unfairly or dishonestly. In this case, we are talking about whales with a lot of money (usually at least 5 % of the market) is taking advantage of traders with less money to gain more wealth.

My Approach:

This is only seen from a TA-perspective. I have looked at the 1h BTCUSD chart over 14 days. I have chosen to categorize 3 different ways whales have manipulated the market:

1. Bear traps (yellow circles). To bait traders to go SHORT hopefully with leverage, AND in a situation, where normal TA principles confirms a downtrend direction, where the whales hereafter use their power and money to go in the opposite direction with the purpose to liquidate SHORTS.

2. Bull Traps (red circles). To bait traders to go LONG hopefully with leverage, AND in a situation, where normal TA principles confirms an uptrend direction, where the whales hereafter use their power and money to go in the opposite direction with the purpose to liquidate LONGS.

3. Shake outs (orange magnifying glass). Sudden huge price movements in either direction, WHERE normal TA-principles not necessarily confirms a clear and certain direction. Also with the purpose to liquidate either SHORTS or LONGS to achieve more control in the market.

I have furthermore used the following indicators to confirm a possible manipulation:

- Volume by time (measured and compared to the MA20 volume )
- The RSI ( Relative Strength Index )

Summary and conclusion:

1. Take notice of the long period of 14 days, where the RSI not* have been under 50, apart from the times where whales manipulated the market. We only had a period of 15 hours (look at the green rectangle ) where it happened. This has never happened in this market before under similar circumstances.

Usually we only see this in parabolic runs over some few days or if we make higher highs and lows in a market, which is going up in bids with not much fluctuations and usually not for that many days in a row.

2. The amount of manipulation is extremely high compared to other periods of 14 days. I have looked into at least 25 different periods of 14 days, and I haven't yet found a period with more manipulation.

3. April the 12th 2018 we had a Bitcoin-record, when it comes to volume by hour ( Volume was higher than 24 times the MA20) and it appeared after a bear trap.

4. The number of times the RSI Level is above 70 is extremely high compared to a normal period of 14 days and very high to a similar uptrend period.

What we can expect now

As you can see, yesterday was the first time we came under RSI Level 50 again and stayed there without a manipulation, which took us higher. As I told you before, I also compared this situation with 2014, where we saw the crash. If this and the 2014-path continues, I have illustrated on the RSI what we will see.

You can expect that we will continue go lower in price and the RSI stay under 50 (usually around 30-40) and when we try to go above RSI 50 you can expect that it is a bull trap. You also expect regular shake outs, and eventually it can result in a similar crash we saw in 2014.

Let's hope the best for Bitcoin though!

D4 Loves You <3

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Comment: Just to make it very clear. This chart is basically meant to help people - It's an advice or a warning to traders, who do leverage/margin trading.

I also hope Bitcoin will moon ASAP.

Comment: My job is to monitor the biggest Crypto-markets every single day. As most of you guys know, I'm co-owner of one of the biggest crypto companies (within our branch/section) out there, so I'm of course fully aware of that there are manipulation in all markets.

What I'm pointing out and proven with this post is, that the last 2 weeks have been extreme compared to earlier and what we normally are seeing.

That's why I also have warned you in every single BTC-chart to be careful with margin trading - and why I also tried to encourage you to look into altcoins.

Also because they simply are doing better than Bitcoin, when there are optimism and belief in the market.

As always: Thanks for all the support and messages on PM. I have so many messages, that I cannot answer all of them. Sorry!

But thanks, guys. I really appreciate it <3
Comment: Another bear trap. Clearly Hidden Bearish Divergence, which normally predicts we will continue down (look at the yellow lines and circles).

Instead we get out of no where a sick 270 dollars pump in the opposite direction.

Comment: Example on Bitcoin in an uptrend with NO CLEAR manipulation!

- 14 days (all the times we are under RSI Level 50 is caused by normal retrace
- Only few times we have more than level 70 on RSI
- Only 2 times we have more than 3 times MA20 Volume
- No sudden shake outs and huge price movement
- No bear and bull traps

D4 Loves You <3

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Comment: I'll give you one more example, which is similar, where we DID NOT have clear manipulation.

A guy said that it was normal to see stuff like this in an accumulation phase, when we are in a tunnel. So here we go. Tunnel and accumulation-phase. This is from 2017.

- No sudden change in an already confirmed direction
- No bear or bull traps
- When we get under RSI 50 it's not due to an unexpected move in the opposite direction, followed up by another change in direction, but just a normal retracement.
- RSI never above 80

My conclusion is still - not to spread FUD! I have proofed to you, that we are in a special situation, where we see an extraordinary high level of whale manipulation.

Therefore: Be careful with margin trading. Whales will probably eat you. I already got a tons of PMs here on TV from people, who told me, that they now better understand why it has been so difficult for them to make profit lately.

You can chose to take my advice or not - I basically don't care. I believe we will eventually go into a phase, where we don't see as much manipulation from the whales as now, and where it will be easier to trade BTC again - especially for inexperienced traders.

D4 Loves You <3

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Comment: Update is here: The BITCOIN-Puzzles AND The Missing Piece - I Finally Found it!

Comment: So I guess, I must have convinced the last few people out there now, that we are in a period of extraordinary period with a LOT of manipulation. Otherwise these people are simply living in denial.

750 dollars price movement in less than 5 minutes!!!

Also do you remember about the warning about bull traps? And when the RSI came over 50. Here you go my ladies, that IS exactly what happened!

Once again: Do NOT margin trade, my friend!

D4 Loves You <3


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