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I have no words sorry


that's true. I noticed the "cycles" as well but the last one was 9 days, if I'm not mistaken. that's why my target date was on the 27th - 28th. this is why I blame Huobi
It could also mean that I am too lazy to write anything or that I would not know what to explain first nor where to begin ,it could also mean that i think the basic idea i wanted to represent is quite obvious and therefore it doesn't need any wording :)

but here is one idea i had:

the idea of this chart the "main" one (but also the less probable I agree) is that I noticed some kind of cycles. every 12 - 13 days something happens. it peaks down ...that's ne the green circles .

Actually it doesn't happens that much to make it a "rule" but anyway i thought "hmm why not it could crash in a couple of days"

no words meaning you can't explain it?