XBT - I'm a master the times. Timing is Perfection.

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Hey everyone,

I've been quite passive for the past few days and it's weekend again. In my last few posts, I kept shorting Bitcoin and I strongly admit that I wrong. However, I can say that it seems like I'm a God when it comes to timing.

Here's a little story for my few followers.

On the 12th of November last year, I told my colleagues and friends within the crypto circle that Bitcoin was about to plunge really hard. Some listened but didn't give it much attention. Some others laughed hard and told me that they respect my opinion but think I'm crazy for thinking that would happen.

Two days later, the crash happened.

On that night, the entire coin circle was silent. It was like a ghost town.

As expected, I started getting messages the next day. The next morning, I had so many of em talking to me. Some calls, some chats. It felt awesome! "How did you predict that!", "How did you know??", "Do you know some insiders?? some whales??" ... The answer was simple.

I'm a master of time. Timing is KEY.

If you go back and check one of my ideas on trading view, you can see that I also foresaw that Bitcoin would make a huge move between March 29 -> April 2 with emphasis on April 1st. Don't get fooled on April fools!!

You guessed it, yes. It surged on April 1st. I personally thought Bitcoin would drop, but it didn't. This time, my prediction on price movement was wrong. But the timing was right as always. I've always been accurate with timing.

I'm a master of times.

Here's my prediction on what would happen after this price hike.
The next wave is coming and it's also on an uptrend again. We are now in correction phase and in a "Bart Simpsons"-ish pattern. We are correcting that price drop from that of the November story.

I am expecting a price hike of about 30 to 40% in a period of around 6 days.

I'll try to update as often as possible. See you in the next one guys!

Please follow me and keep passing by!

Comment: Hey everyone! A quick update on the situation of XBT and that tiny mistake I made with this analysis.

First off, XBT managed to break that resistance at 5000-5100 range and is currently consolidating within that area.

Secondly, I had mistakenly put the "price range" indicator in the wrong place. If you calculate the BTC/XBT price growth, you will see that my prediction was actually accurate but starting from April 1st. Bitcoin saw an increase in price of 30-33% between April 1 and April 10 and is now back to 5000-5100$ area.

I will post a corrected chart in the feedback section and I'm open for positive feedback and some constructive criticism!