Litecoin and BCH outperforming "Major" crypto sector

BITTREX:BTCUSD   Bitcoin / U.S. Dollar
Obsurdly enough, it seems that Litecoin has become the secure store of value that BTC can never be. There is too much money , and too much open, naked price manipulation with BTC ; then the issues of mining, doing so at a loss, and environmental aftereffects.
It seems the team at BCH did something very right. It moves, and quickly. And, to a smaller scale, has become the money making machine that BTC once was.
LTC is only just now slightly in the red after days in the green. The 30.00 u.s.d. mark and above appear to be strong lines of support.
BCH is Volatile. Predictable and Volatile, how many of us want it to be.
New Year has brought new cycles to the market.
Look at a BCH order book; the transactions are moving, along with the price. It isn't stangnant and dead, and I would not be surprised to see as others notice this, a decided increase in it's value.
ETH I cannot understand. It has proven use cases, but it also has a "Hard Fork," Constantinople , coming up, and many of us have come to hate the hard fork of 11/15/18, see a hard fork as a possible destabilizing element. Strangely there is no contention, there wont be extra ETH - and hopefully this will keep things stable; yet ETH of all the aforementioned currencies is in real use. It's sole purpose, unlike most of crypto , isn't just to make money. That said, be careful who you keep your ETH with.

The nervousness caused by 2018 is justified, yet if it is not overcome , this community will see dark days ahead.
The traditional weights and measures seem to apply less and less; Elder ray seems helpful, adx /dms, and Elder Fischer transform, as well as ease of movement , in various settings, but I didnt just say any of that, Because I am not a financial adviser .
Nothing above should be construed as anything but observation, correlation, and commentary.
Fortis Fortuna Adiuvat.