The Bitcoin Bottom Is In (No Click-Bait Tile, Read)

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My dear cryptocurrency people, the worlds future money elite, smart and wise, ahead of your time... That's what you are, ahead of this game, smart, beautiful and strong.

Let me tell you that with all this chart reading, technical analysis, calculations, predictions and guessing, yes! much guessing... We can forget something really simple.

The Bitcoin bottom can be set already.

We were clearly expecting the capitulation that took place in June.
Everybody predicted this easily many months ahead of time.

After this capitulation, we were waiting only to see if November/December would give us either a higher low or a lower low before a change of cycle.

Back in 2018.
Bitcoin lost its support in November and bottomed out by mid-December.

Present time 2022.
Bitcoin lost its support in November and bottomed out by mid-December?

If the Bitcoin bottom is not yet in, we should see it happen within a week.
It should be very close or already in the past.

This bear market has been going longer than last time.
Dec. 12 was the specific date that we shared in a previous analysis...
But it is hard to know exactly.

By Dec. 20 2022, we will have a 100% clear picture that's for sure.

But start adapting/changing, we only have bad news, a very strong and negative feeling all across the market and that's normally when things change.

We looked at 50/60 different charts or more in the past 2 weeks, all Altcoins.
Most of these charts are identical to Bitcoin.

The bear market for all these Altcoins lasted between 566 days, if the peak came in April 2021 to 365 days, if the peak came in October/November 2021.

More or less... So in between 550 - 570 days the longer one and 350-370 days the shorter one.

After this period of time many of these are producing very, very strong bullish breakouts. This has already happened for some.

If we count the "orthodox top" for Bitcoin, April 2021, we have around 587 days.
If we count the ATH Nov. 2021, we have 377 days.

The Bitcoin chart looks exactly the same as these Altcoins, and these Altcoins and Bitcoin have been moving together, in synchronicity since their inception.

Implying that Bitcoin is also a due a bullish breakout.
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