Bitcoin Anniversary date: Reversal December 17th, 2018

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Gann wrote a lot about the importance of anniversary dates and to watch and record those dates because instruments will frequently find major highs and lows around those dates. We can see evidence of that on Bitcoin's chart.

Venus Retrograde
I want to point out the significance of this cycle because there is a strong repition of astronomical cycles coming up.
Not showin on the chart is the series of 216-degrees of Venus, there are three consecutive dates on September 19th, October 21st and December 12th. The reason that these degrees of Venus have repeated is due to the Retrograde cycle. Now, the Retrograde cycle also has what is called a 'shadow', a two week period after the retrograde phase where Venus finally moves fully in sync again. That date is right on the anniversary of the all time high: December 17th, 2018.

I also want to note, that the earliest traded data for Bitcoin being traded (that I have access to) is early 2010 using Optuma's data. Do you know what astronomical cycle was there at the beginning of Bitcoin's chart?
The same consecutive 216-degrees of Venus dates during a Venus Retrograde Cycle.