The most epic bull run in history. The Age of Bitcoin. (update)

BITSTAMP:BTCUSD   Bitcoin / U.S. Dollar
The original chart contained a donation address in violation of house rules and the chart is now invisible to the public. I will post updated screenshots below.
If this is your first time on this chart, this was a forecast from Feb 2017 back when Bitcoin was in the $800's. The blue and yellow lines have held up amazingly well over the course of the year.
Comment: Original chart:
Comment: Bitcoin and digital currencies have some issues, yes this is true. However, they are severely undervalued when compared to most fiat currencies. Expect this whole market to have a combined marketcap in the trillions faster than you think.
Comment: Incredible growth since i published this chart. So far it seems to be holding quite well! Next week I will add a youtube link to my new channel where I can discuss my thoughts with you all in a more direct fashion.
Comment: 2018 is going to be a wild year for crypto. Congratulations to all of you and thank you for the commends, views and likes.
Comment: Taking a best shot at what the peak will be: $45k-55k
Comment: Owning 21 Bitcoins, or 1/1,000,000th of the Network, should be worth at least $1MM. Using this metric and in my opinion, a fair price of Bitcoin in 2017 should be around $47,619.00 per Coin.
Comment: *a fair price of Bitcoin in 2018 should be around $47,619.00 per Coin.
Comment: Looking at today's chart on Bitcoinwisdom: STOCH RSI significantly oversold on the 1W charts and on decreasing volume. This doesn't look like the big crash many are expecting.
Comment: Update: This chart had incredible predictive power from Feb 2017 until the Dec peak to $20k. Please see some of my other charts to see an updated version of this chart as this was made well over a year ago.

Comment: Did we bottom at 6k or is it in the future at 3k-4k?
Comment: It's been a while since an update. Looks like we are finishing up wave 4. Wave 5 fireworks should be fun in 2019
Comment: Wave 4 appears to be over. Multiple attempts at breaking below 6k have failed.
Comment: If we are still correcting to a new lower low, I would expect it to be in the 4k-5k range. This possibility is looking less and less likely based on the current sentiment.
Comment: Wave 4 FINALLY over!?
Comment: WAVE 4 OVER. About 6-7 month overdue lol.
Comment: Update to my previous chart.
Comment: NEW ATH!!!