Bitcoin Bullish Continuation. to ATHs

Theofylrx Updated   
Sup guys this is an update for the previous bitcoin chart analysis.

following was on the previous analysis:

Based on the chart, Bitcoin after sometime mooning, we needed a place to detour, correct and then continue mooning, so we can get to mars.

So, we have been in a correction cycle where an WXY correction structure is seen, and once correction is complete, then a continuation bullish move is expected until 55k in Bitcoin.

All important areas have been marked accordingly on the chart.

Orders from the current price with a sl: @50K can be executed depending on how your portfolio or account is.

CURRENTLY bitcoin is completing the correction, and from current price, Im expecting a bullish move.

REMEMBER THIS IS NOT FINANCIAL ADVICE BUT A GAME I JUST LIKE TO PLAY WITH SOME OF MY FRIENDS. so if you blow your account or something then Im not gonna be liable.
Trade active:
lets go!!!
Trade active:
You can take some profit, and set break even of some of your positions if you had more than one.
Trade closed: target reached:
it was nice trading this pair with yall more especially @unbeldi