August 2018: ONLY IF history repeats itself in this way...

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UPDATE based on last post: Using the 2013 to 2015 time-frame extrapolated into this wave's similar but shorter span, we should re-touch the previous all-time-high (approximately 19,500) by end of August or early September 2018. (Again, this is ONLY if history repeats itself)

Recall from my last post:

We keep seeing mirror images of the 2014 bear market playing out now. But what if (just if) it has indeed played out, but a bit differently from the common mirror images we've seen? As in this?

*I know it's a long shot, but never know! (Isn't all TA long shot?)

*As you can see from my recent days' posts, I have both bull and bear scenarios, this is just a bullish possibility... (so in a way "yes," TA doesn't predict)

*ONLY IF this is true... that would explain the chop-chop limbo we're in right now. You'll notice that the 2014 reversal wasn't "dramatic" or quick or powerful... but a very gradual chop-chop till it reversed.
Comment: (Note: I'm not referring to "Elliot" wave, but simply on a past similar wave...)
Comment: Only if this chart theory holds, the slow gradual reversal should begin about now. Is the current FUD about 2017 BTC price manipulation a capitulation bottom? Let's see..
Comment: So far this looks very possible!