BTCUSD breakout happen as it was expected wait for real pump

BITSTAMP:BTCUSD   Bitcoin / U.S. Dollar
As we said in previous short-term analysis we were looking for real bull market and it arrived :

now for conformation of breakout we need daily candle close above resistance and then first conformation of rise is here.
second confrontation is when that price break local resistance of 40K

Targets and resistance ahead :

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awesome chart and idea
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If we do not break 40K do you b elieve we wiil try again after a quick bounce around 37k?
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Well analysis
Thanks for sharing my brother
Take care, Manh
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I am happy for this movement, I already in but I am going to add more funds in daily candle closes above 93300 resistance .
Thanks for your awesome idea and update.
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There hasn't been any breakout at all. Expecting a move past 38k to be any more significant than a move below 34k when the real range extremes are 29-31k and 40-42k is just meaningless.

I said it and I repeat it, until 30k and 40k are broken decisively, it is just a large range and trading within it will mostly lead to capital loss through stop hunts. The only potential plays are counter trades at the two extremes of the range with stop losses further than what everyone else is doing.
Gonna retrace first?
Nice trade overview, thanks for sharing! 👍
Great catch🔥💯
Needs more fuel