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Good afternoon traders, first of all please get this technical analysis to 30+ likes to unlock tomorrow's alpha post 👍

Market structure suggests we probably retest $36,222 in the near future, after that I'll be taking time away from the charts and madness to relax my mind after the weekend and will sit in USDT. (85% USDT, 15% BTC )

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Cheers 👍
Trade active: https://s3.tradingview.com/snapshots/l/l... (click the link)


Bullshit I’m taking the summer of from trading
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@YurloTrades relax my friend. you have got more than 90 percent of the correct trades.
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and even if i lose, i believe in your analysis. because my analysis says the same. if we fail, we will learn. if we not, keep doing the good work
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DeRozVanSchuts YurloTrades
@YurloTrades, Elon musk should change his name to Elon fucks. he fucked many people's trading strategies. I had a strategy that was back-tested and worked beyond amazing(92% win rate for over 250 trades, profit factor 3.5) until Elon started to shit the market. I will take trading more seriously when they limit him from manipulating the market.
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kingpannu DeRozVanSchuts
@DeRozVanSchuts, You are right man
@kingpannu I guess you’re right. I’m officially done with leverage though, I was wrong on that one but still think a pullback is coming. I’m going to aim to be rich in 2024, so I’ll only use 2x to completely avoid liquidations. I got rekkt yesterday from getting greedy on a win streak and then used too high of leverage and gave back all winnings. 2x max, will stay disciplined and down the road it will be all I know and I’ll be completely used to no leverage or 2x max because this game is a marathon not a sprint
@DeRozVanSchuts yeah man exactly why I’m done with leverage now
Nice analysis where do you advise to go short from here for some short profits
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@aaronstevens566 Thanks and I don’t give exact entries etc, the chart says it all I shouldn’t have to say anything