BITSTAMP:BTCUSD   Bitcoin / U.S. Dollar
Bitcoin has been following the stock market price for price since late January of 2020 which is concerning since bitcoin should be treated as a currency and not a security; the stock market at all time highs followed by bitcoin at all time highs is not a coincidence. We can do our best to make price targets for bitcoin using technicals and fundamentals but at the end of the day; the stock market is going to control the bitcoin price. If the stock market dumps in 2021; you best believe 75,000 Bitcoin price target will be out of the window.

Bitcoin currently has a-lot going for itself with Paypal and Tesla both getting into it however like I showed the volume , there is just not many people trading bitcoin currently which tells us 2 schools of thought; either most traders are holding or not many people are buying bitcoin . It is quite concerning since the volume is 1/3 to what we saw in 2017. You might ask "wouldn't the volume pick back up?"; yes, it could however volume being such low over a 810% move up isnt necessarily good, which leads me to think; Who is really moving the market?