BTCUSD approaching strong support(0.61 fib level) structure.

BITSTAMP:BTCUSD   Bitcoin / U.S. Dollar
After a strong Bullish Impulse price is in a correction mode, and price is approaching 0.61 fib level which might act as a support structure for the price, after reaching the support if price holds above the level, I expect the price to grow..

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yeah, I think i'll start buying at 30k... nice idea!
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Gread big head and shoulders. But it's not long, its short :) Bear market.
Maybe even the .78
nice work
I am in on the long from 30k!
All of you guys wanting to buy at 30k or under are going to be frontrunned by buys in the 33-37k area.
This idea is already being exploited
ProSignalsFx ThisIsOverSoon
@ThisIsOverSoon, well, BTC might fall below 30k as well, and buying at 37 does not have a good risk reward in my opinion
@ProSignalsFx makes sense.
My point is that the 30k may never happen bc the idea will be anticipated.
You are speaking in terms of risk/reward like you are going to do ONE SINGLE trade.
-> Making multiple ones along the way is the wtg. Instead of chasing the perfect low and perfect high.
My 2x
@ProSignalsFx the bottom was 31k apparently. 30k got frontrunned. I hope you could trigger some buys anyway in the 31-32 range