BTCUSD Explosive Moments

BITSTAMP:BTCUSD   Bitcoin / U.S. Dollar
Identified by the blue loading symbol, we have a pattern of volatility , sideways, volatility , sideways...etc within the $5.5 and $7.7 price range. The timeframe between these bursts of intense price activity is also getting shorter and shorter.

I find most of my charts are like unearthing a dinosaur; I never know what I'll find and if I've found it before. I come at this with a clean slate and a fresh mind. Highlight various things I see or patterns that stick out without considering or consulting previous charts to truly vet my mental state and vision. When I find fresh and non-correlating lines paint the same picture, I become a bit more invested in the previous vision my intuition leaned towards. I've learned I don't have to like it to trade it as well. We don't have to agree with a price action to prepare for it either. Ladder positions. Sensible stops. Hedge. Use multiple exchanges if you have to with counter trades. Net positive and risk management in check? You are set. Managing complexity as well...always look for ways to reduce risk and complexity.