my thoughts on Bitcoin

COINBASE:BTCUSD   Bitcoin / U.S. Dollar
weekly stochastic RSI is due a plunge , how ever volume is getting thin and i think a quick drive by the bulls uo to middle 4k might happen which will strongly get rejected down to a 2800 area

just my thoughts troops.

at 2800 we could go side ways untill a slow bull starts in may/june

this how ever could be all irrelevant as Bitcoin is being controled by the futires markets and the volumes that thin that futires traders are still very much a big influence on Bitcoin

only way out of this is for everyone to sell up and buy litecoin ( not controled by futures ) , i say this in jest but it would in fact work.

this how ever wont happen

go on twitter and look at the bitcoin maximalists , ask them about futures and how it effects Bitcoin , you wont get an answer.

toodle pip. much love