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We pumped from 7.400 to 9.600 (29%) two months ago, but the bear trendline kept his downtrend :downtrend: continued.

24h ago, BTC hit 6.500 following a (15%) pump wave til 7.500 peak. Nice short profits, now back to the main longterm trend.

Bulls are enjoying a small flash pump which is necessary in any trend (up or down) in order to short and continue the trend.

BTC trend remains the same; downtrend.

Most FA and TA, even the mainly one 200EMA, are still intact. These indicators explain how BTC will hit 3k :downtrend: by early Spring .

horterm: downtrend ($6800)
Midterm: downtrend ($5900)
Longterm: downtrend ($3000) - March 2020


no sense, in your case bitcoin must go to zero
diversionlulu kripto_corumlu
@kripto_corumlu, there is another chart above which explains with TA about how BTC will drop to 3000 before switching into bulltrend.
The answer: it is going to change it’s L.O.N.G. term trend in the very same way like it always have had done:
S.U.D.E.N. Jesus, so hard to type with Capitals and Dots! But it stands for: Suddenly, Unexpected and Drastically Exactly at Noon - hahaha! You didn’t know that? When you hear HoHoHo - Happy New 20-20, that would be It!
Im waiting for TA answers arguing how is BTC going to switch this L.O.N.G.term downtrend.