Bitcoin 2017 vs 2020 Bull Run (Very Different)

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Bitcoin had one of its most phenomenal years in 2017 when the coin reached $19,500 for the first time. It took BTC three years to reach that price level once again. A good number of people are now wondering if this will play out similarly to 2017. However, based on the data, we will head significantly higher this year!

YTD Growth
In 2017 we experienced an incredible 1,800% year-to-date (YTD) growth by the time we reached $19,500. Conversely, this year, the YTD growth stood at only 170%, ten times less than in 2017! No matter how you look at it, a 1,800% growth is a lot even for cryptocurrencies. Therefore, when Bitcoin reached $19,500 in 2017, the price was hugely overextended. However, when we reached $19,500 this year, we were only up by 170%, and thus we have more room for growth.

Yes, it can be argued that Bitcoin is less volatile now than it was back then, which accounts for the more limited growth. But any way you look at it, it is not ten times less volatile!

Price Reaction to All-Time High
Perhaps the most important difference between 2017 and 2020 is the different reaction the price had when reaching $19,500. When BTC made the all-time high in 2017, it immediately experienced a severe 40% correction in just six days! In 2020, BTC experienced a substantial 15% in only two days. However, following this we saw an immediate reversal where the price pushed even higher to $19,800!

What Happens Next?
We can never predict for certain what will happen in this market. However, based on the data, it is probable that we are just at the beginning of the uptrend. We may be somewhere around $5,000 when compared to the 2017 bull-run , still expecting Bitcoin to triple or quadruple in value in the future.
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