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I will begin BTCUSD Bybit Bitcoin Chart Analysis for January 21.

This is the movement since the analysis was written on January 20th.

For more details, see the bottom of the 20th private analysis article.

Check the main section with a black finger

As indicated,
Only up to the section where you touch exactly up to 0.5
Entry and liquidation revenue counted.

First, ignore the short
$42029 long position entry / $1152.5 profit section

$43184.5 short / $2614 profit section up to the bottom line

It is a profit section of up to $3700 round trip.

4 hour chart

Yesterday I was concerned,

12 Hour MACD Dead Cross -> Daily MACD Dead Cross is connected
There is a vertical decline.

It is not possible to construct an uptrend from the current movement.

After all, this month, up to the biggest major support line
I left the bottom section open.

Throughout this month, I continued to explain
Dark blue support line -> light blue support line -> to the bottom section

If the orange resistance line is not broken through
Will it be a big deal?

Check the red up/light blue down movement path

Today I created a trading strategy.

30-minute chart one-way neutral strategy.

What is this all this month,

I don't know where to jump
Unless you are already in the position
I guess I'll have to watch it until the afternoon to see the flow.

This is what I felt while analyzing every day this month.

It's really damn hard.

If it's not sideways today, I think we can finally see the match.

Based on the departure from the maximum green support line
It is decided whether or not to deviate from the mid- to long-term parallel line drawing section of the Jinparang support line.

when leaving

In case of sky blue support 1, the right-down sideways guarantee ->

when leaving

When the bottom section is reached, it will be the largest major support and rebound section for the month of January.

All the danger signals have already been processed once.

We created a trading strategy based on trust in the support line and the true wave.

* When the light blue finger moves

After watching the first and second waves
Finally, we put weight on the double floor.

Personally, I don't like adventure , so it's not my favorite position.

1) $38156.5 long position entry section / Stop loss when completely deviating from the green support line

2) $41590 long position target and short position entry section

After that, even if there is only a sideways movement without a support line,

Great success.

The daily MACD dead cross will press you all day today.

Courageous people at the spot exchange

Please share the circulation pumping, and for beginners, please close the chart and enjoy the weekend.

My analysis is just a personal diary.

Just a note please

Principle trading / Stop loss is essential, I hope that you operate safely.

Thanks for reading.

Trade closed: stop reached: Hello

I will check the movement after writing the analysis on January 21st.

Last comment on the 21st

In the section described in the live broadcast
I ended up with a purple finger one-way strategy.

To some extent, I put some meaning on the Blue support line.

Conditionally, it was possible to hit the upper side unconditionally.

Stop-loss price when breaking out of the deep blue support line / When a downward wave or breakout
The black finger below and the light blue support line were the next support lines.

It's a move after

I marked the main section with a black finger.

Short stop loss by hitting the lower side first, not the upper side.

Then follow the green support line
near the sky blue support line we marked
Ended up with a hooliganism until the weekend.

holding a short position,
Those who took a short shot as the norm in the downtrend must have been in the profit section of about $4,000.

As the price of bits falls, loses energy

I hoped it would hold up to some extent, but as the support line with Jinpa broke
The remaining section is a pink parallel line.

I have displayed the gap price for the weekend gap difference section.

What form of retracement will come today?
looks important

More details will be discussed in the analysis section.

thank you.

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