October 6th BTCUSD Bybit Chart Analysis

BYBIT:BTCUSD   Bitcoin / U.S. Dollar


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I will begin BTCUSD Bybit Bitcoin Chart Analysis for October 6th .

This is a 30 minute chart created yesterday.

From the left, blue finger section,
It broke through the green resistance line upward.

It was an upward-right sideway move.

It flowed similarly to the NASDAQ movement.

Today Day chart.

This is the main section of the day.

This week, I will summarize the overall movement.

There are resistance lines 1 and 2.

Last week, due to a concomitant decline with the NASDAQ,
Currently, it is a danger zone.

Short-term resistance line #1
Up to the 2nd mid-term resistance line
Completely break through,
It becomes a safety zone,

Before breaking through section 1 and 2,
Each , Strong adjustment may occur.

For this part, I brought a trading strategy.

This is today's trading strategy.

It's a 30-minute chart.

Today is a new version tried it.

Dear Investors, I hope it helps.

If you have anything need, let us know in the comments.

First, I deleted the complicated, moving path.

In the daily movement,
It has been summarized as briefly as possible.

* Convergence section of red resistance line and green support line.
*Orange center line check.
To rise strongly, can't touch.

*In the yellow box,
First break through No 1 or Touch No 2 , in case of departure
Please refer to the blue and red paths respectively.

* Top and bottom, long position, short position
The trailing stop section has been set.
(In both directions, if this section cannot be reached, it is sideways move Finish)

*At the bottom of the first, check the weekend gap.

The spot exchange,

In case of blue movement path, major altcoin / bitcoin related coin.

In the red path,
At the bottom, in the red finger section
Other altcoins.

Thank you.

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