Bitcoin: Double Bottom Long To 64K.

Bitcoin has confirmed a double bottom within the 60K major support area. The scenario that I outlined in my previous analysis is STILL in play (see illustration on chart). An inside bar is also present on this time frame along with a break of the high of that candle. As a result of all of this, a new buy signal is in effect which can result in a test of the 64K resistance over the coming week or two.

A good question is: what is the risk associated with this long setup? Risk can be measured in a number of ways. One simple and more conservative way is to note the most recent low which is around the 59K area. A long taken now or from the low 61Ks puts the associated risk around 2K points on THIS time frame. In contrast to the potential reward around 64K, the R:R ratio is about 2:1 which makes this opportunity attractive for swing traders and investors.

Before you go nuts and start buying though, it is important to understand that just because a buy signal appears (my criteria being met) does NOT guarantee a positive outcome. I believe there is a greater probability based on my experience. Probability MEANS there is also potential for the market is go the other way as well. This is why RISK management is the key to effective management and decision making NOT "high win rates" etc. As I remind my followers regularly so unexpected news can come out and Bitcoin can be pushing 56K in a matter of hours.

Another things to watch out for is all the rocket ship talk. The "it's going to 100K by tomorrow and you are going to miss it!" nonsense. If you follow people that proliferate fear of missing out messages, stop following. Bitcoin has been in a consolidation since the March peak which has resulted in NUMEROUS opportunities on both sides of the market. There is NO reason to feel like you are missing anything, ESPECIALLY when you have a tool that helps you easily identify opportunities, clarify RISK and measure profit potential (like my Trade Scanner Pro).

Without a rational decision making framework, you become vulnerable to your own emotions of greed and fear. And this is what leads to being exploited by "experts" that you identify with and trust, along with making irrational, high risk decisions like buying when a market looks its best (aka the top).

As I remind my followers regularly, before you even assume risk, you must have a specific idea as to how you intend to exploit an opportunity in the market. Just trying to "make money" is not an enough of a reason. The market is NOT your personal ATM. It is a mechanism to transfer wealth from those who have material knowledge from those who "think" they have material knowledge. If your results over the previous year or more appear to be stagnant or random, which side do you think you're on?

Thank you for considering my analysis and perspective.

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