BITSTAMP:BTCUSD   Bitcoin / U.S. Dollar
We all love a good A55 spanking from time to time now lets spank the markets A55 with this trade, get on this and you will be laughing all the way down the M6 motorway straight to the airport with a 1 way ticket to the Caribbean.. Well thats what i will be doing!

So lets take a look at our winning lottery ticket... We can see we have a trendline thats coming for the 3rd touch and that will meet a strong support level in our buy zone (green box) This is where i will buy, i will not sell to this level. Bulls are really going to push price higher so come along for the ride of your life. You might get board of my analysis because it is so simple, but im just here to show you that anyone can trade so if you dont like it then f@ck off and tell someone who actually cares.

Thats all, take it easy.