Analyst and Trader. What are the differences?

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The main difference between an Analyst and a Trader is in their main goals.

For an analyst, the main goal is to determine the future price and write articles.
Most analysts give a double trend direction in their forecasts, as they worry about their incorrect forecast, and hedge in case of their mistake.

For a trader, the main goal is to MAKE a PROFIT when working in the market. At the same time, the direction of the trend is a secondary goal, since you can also make a profit by scalping when the trend does not matter much. Each trader has his approach to trading and his trading strategy. One trader opens a long position to earn money on the growth of quotations, but at the same time, another trader opens a short position on the same instrument to earn money when the price drops.
PROFIT is the main priority for the trader.

The analyst can show alternative options for the development of events, leaving the trader to make a responsible decision about actions in one or another option. At the same time, the Analyst does not risk anything - neither his money nor his reputation, since TWO OPPOSITE scenarios insure him from making a mistake.

As a rule, 65% of analysts do not trade themselves, but only write analytical articles and make forecasts.

A few facts about the analyst and trader:

- collects information and analyzes the market situation
- writes analytical articles
- makes forecasts (usually in two directions, for safety)
- probably trades/invests by himself according to his forecasts

- determines the direction for a potential transaction
- performs risk calculation and installation of a protective order (stop loss)
- performs trading operations on the market to make a profit
- manages and accompanies the position from the beginning to the end

And who do you think you are? An analyst or a trader?

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