BITSTAMP:BTCUSD   Bitcoin / U.S. Dollar
Blue arrows 60%
Red arrow 40%
Main market of crypto is falling and every body is looking for opportunity to going out. So we highly recommend capital management and we think 2500$ is the best price for going out. In addition we think should wait until 1 Aug and you can work with your profits till that date.

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Comment: Red arrow happen, we think price can goes up soon
Comment: support zone range is (2120-2150)
we hope price reverse at this zone. if this zone break price can goes directly to 2000
As we told you market is very volatile. In previous post we highly recommend to change bit to $. For now we recommend to wait (until we are above 2120) and we hope price goes up to 2300$ and then fall again to 1850$. Remind if support line at 2120$ breaks then price can goes directly to 2000$.

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Comment: BTC next move.
2000 is psychologically price.

price still above 2000$ but we think the final targets of this downward wave could be between (1700-1900) and price goes down slowly to targets and stay around 1800$ for long time, maybe 1 year. we update this post, still stay with us.
with MACD and ADX confirmation.

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zooming out didnt explain your teal trendline. what is it about? and assuming it makes sense, why wouldnt it crash below it temporarily?
m2tts2001 fineregex
@fineregex,you can click on share then click at make it mine to see every things. remind if support line break then can goes down till 2121
good one!