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I will begin BTCUSD Bybit Bitcoin Chart Analysis for January 27.

This is a move after the final finish on January 26th.

Check the main section with a black finger.
counter-defense strategy failed

After the left arrow long entry,
Until the Break away of the additional candle in the dangerous section of the sky blue support line It is a liquidation.

Depending on the situation, it was possible to switch to a short position.
I don't know if all of them are operating according to the principle.

After touching the 12-hour center line displayed at dawn
Purple support line -> current green support line, creating a downtrend
A departure occurred.

Again in the morning BTC played a terrible prank.

Real Rebounds light only needs to come out once, isn't it easy?

Until today, there are exactly 5 days left until January Candle.
to the bottom of the pink support line
It seems important what type of movement will come out.

I'm moving more and more at once than I expected.

Let's look at it as a whole.

4 hour chart.

Today's approximate Top and Bottom prices are displayed.

When the green support line is broken
The downside is open and connected to a downtrend
Those who are maintaining long positions should be careful.

Failure to break the orange resistance line or When the pink support line breaks
It is open to the final bottom.

lack of patterns

4 6 12 hour chart MACD triple dead cross can be connected
You have to be careful.

(30 1 4 6 12 Daily chart deak cross are generally
I gave an example)

Check the red up/light blue down movement path

I made today's trading strategy.

In fact, I did not express

Yesterday, I was very upset about the failure of the counter-defense strategy and the terrible decline.

Today is a one-way long position strategy.

To be precise, it is a short -> long switching strategy.
I tried to make it perfect with the replay button in one shot.

If Perfect Comes Out Today,

I just want to finish with a simple comment.

Please understand.

(Top prices have also been slightly modified to fit the strategy.)

Instead, a few conditions are required for the strategy to be successful.

1. The sky blue support line must be touched before 3 o'clock
has a rebound effect

2. When the green support line is broken, it is connected with a downtrend of the daily support line
Please note that it may drop significantly.

3. Fortunately, today's temporal pattern fits somewhat
I left it until the main hours.

* When the light blue finger moves

Short -> Long -> Short -> Long -> Short Switching Strategy

Beginners can ignore the first and second wave and run it.

from the third wave

1) $36,114 short position entry section / Stop loss when touching the 30-minute resistance line

2) $34945.5 long position switching section / Stop loss when deviating from the green support line

3) $38101 long position target and short position operation section / Stop loss when the red resistance line is broken

Today, I focused all my attention on the 4-hour support for the ball van.
Pay attention to the shape before entering.

As you can see by watching the movement of the spot exchange yesterday

We are ready for any rebound according to the beat movement.

At the time of entering the long position around 10 pm

Recommend simultaneous operation of major altcoins,
Instead, when you break the support line, you need to stop loss , like a knife.

Here's today's strategy.

My analysis is for reference only.

Don't forget to buy in principle / stop loss is essential

thank you.

Trade closed: target reached: Hello

We will check the movement after writing the analysis on January 27th.

Yesterday I decided
I tried to be perfect at one time, but in the end I failed.

I marked the main section with a black finger.

From the first left short position entry section

Failed to short enter due to a slight miss.

$35523.5 Long position after entry / $930 profit section

At 36443.5 dollars short switching spot
After breaking through the purple resistance line, the expected sideways
has been finished

After that, in the sideways trade, counter trading
Or I think it could have been trading with short -> long switching.
Because it wasn't the move I wanted.
I did not count

When I left my last comment yesterday
When I checked it, the 35523.5 dollar rebound section was
The ballvan did not touch the support line for 3 hours.
After that, it can be seen by touch.

The pattern is also broken,

I am based on the touch of the 2 hour support line.
I thought you'd come right down
The 3-hour support line is an ambiguous section, so there is one upswing.
It looks like it's finished with a sidewall as it comes out more.

It may be a graphics problem,
please tell me about this problem
I've requested it on Trading viwe, but it doesn't seem to be possible to make any adjustments.

Also, when I checked it now, the ball van 4 hour chart dead cross
It seems to be coming out, but it touches the support line and is rebounding.
I can't see it in detail, so there's a bit of a vague movement.

for big moves

From the bottom of the pink support line
They are supporting me well, and January is now 4 days away.

I'll check it out in the full analysis.

thank you.

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