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I will begin BTCUSD Bybit Bitcoin Chart Analysis for January 11.

This is a move after the final finish on January 10th.

I marked the main sections with black fingers.

In January, as MACD dead cross was pressed on the monthly chart,
It seems that a new trend has been completed.

There seems to be a trend without any fundamental wave,
eventually sideway move.

A movement like yesterday is a movement that I personally hate.

as the movement is delayed
You have to watch the charts in real time until late in the morning.
In the end, kill long and short both ways with sideways

In the light blue finger movement path
I expected the extreme sideways movement, but

Deviation of the green support line indicated / After stop loss
After rebounding from the orange support level , until reaching the red resistance level .

Yesterday, from real-time broadcasting to strategy and education
I have summarized the main movements.

To briefly summarize the main sections,

1) Keep the good luck thin on the 1 hour chart
Can't touch the center line of the ball van, the downward wave progresses and positive luck -> strong negative phonological connection

2) The shape of the ball van 6-hour support line was good.
From the sky blue support line to the orange support line, it has been pushed back.
Because it is a candle that is created every 6 hours,
A strong rebound to the red resistance line

Two-way killing

Let's take a closer look at the details.

4 hour chart

Today's approximate Top and Bottom prices are displayed.

Whether or not the 12-hour chart MACD Golden Cross progressed due to yesterday's movement,
If it proceeds, at some point it will reach the central line of the 12-hour peak.
It is important to be able to reach

Check today's approximate movement around the purple support line

I made today's trading strategy.

This is a 30-minute chart long position strategy.

There is one thing I made a promise to yesterday.

Until the light comes on
Unconditionally, it comes down more than I thought, and I decide to proceed based on it.

Because I had some in mind the 12-hour chart MACD Golden Cross today.
It is a long position strategy.

**If the light blue support line at the top is maintained, you can go to the Top section today.

**Following a rebound from the purple support line
It can be a short position entry and operation section.

Due to time constraints, I will explain quickly and leave my seat.

* When the light blue finger moves

Long -> Short Switching Strategy

As I explained yesterday, it seems that short-term trading is more advantageous than trend trading this month.

Unlike yesterday, candles were placed on the main section of the ballvan center line.
It is located at the top and the pattern is alive, so if it is not a vertical drop from the current position
Or if you don't force a down wave at dawn

Even if there is a drop, the place to eat after tomorrow will be big and it will plunge.

1) $41393.5 long position entry section / Stop loss price when the purple support line is broken

2) 43491.5 $ 43491.5 short position entry section / Stop loss when breaking the sky blue resistance line

After that, it depends on whether the purple support line is supported or whether the green resistance line is broken.
I think it would be better to proceed with short-term trading according to the situation.

Principle trading / Stop loss is essential, I hope that you operate safely.

thank you

Trade closed: target reached: Hello

I will check the movement after writing the private analysis on January 11th.

It's a private ending.

Purple and orange parallel lines were newly created.

In the same way as the analysis content, at the lowest possible standard
I saw a match in the final support line according to the light blue finger movement path.

It's a move after

It was a little late as the wave came out later than expected, but

* $41297.5 long / $1728.5 profit section
* $42990 short / $683 profit section

Yesterday, from this section,
I explained about the variables.

After that, until the $42309 long / $861.5 profit section

It is a profit section of up to $3300 round trip.

The trend was a little lacking at the end, but it seems to have progressed about half way.

12 hours MACD golden cross engraved

Sideways movement is more frequent than the recent trend.
Whether it's a fall or a rebound, it should come out.
The direction seems to be determined.

I'll take a look at the whole thing and see you in the analysis post a little later.

thank you

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