Bitcoin Analysis Short Term: June 11th, 2018 UTC

BITSTAMP:BTCUSD   Bitcoin / U.S. Dollar
The daily closed in remarkable fashion. I am seeing some Bullish signals emerge mid term but also some Bearish signals short term.

Take a look above at our RSI , we don't typically see a channel like that unless it is a continuation pattern down. I don't have to time to show past moves of this structure but if you examine the RSI on multiple time frames you will discover that double channel pattern is a chop move leading down a majority of the time; These are slow and steady structures that lead to a very fast and violent move.

The good thing is we shouldn't drop much further short term. I have three support lines I am looking to stagger bids at. Like I said I am seeing some bullish signals I will cover hopefully here soon with a full analysis, so if these structures don't deviate into a drop then that cancels my trade.

If we don't get the drop then it is no sweat off of me, the next trade will be there with patience. I will be keeping an eye on the Stochastic rising too fast before any major price moves, this will typically indicate we are getting close to breaking downward. This is a very short term observation I will be playing so keep in mind the date and time when reading this.

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