BTC and the run to the Halfing. Next stop 10500

BYBIT:BTCUSD   Bitcoin / U.S. Dollar
Entry A: Waiting on confirmation of RSI upwards momentum and Volume spike. (Didn't show in the chart but VPVR shows low liquidity above (9150) this should help with the quick move straight to 10000 levels.) If good entry is made and price breaks and retest 78.6 and moves higher bring stop up just below 78.6. When higher lows are confirmed keep moving stop under low and ride chart until stopped out.

Entry B: Move conservative, simple break of resistance and retest for entry above the 78.6fib. check volume and RSI to help confirm this move.

A: Follow trend until stopped (Keeping moving stop up to higher lows until stopped out by a lower low.)
B: TP level 10350. (Take 50%) 10550 (Take 50%)