Star of the SHOW: STOCHASTIC RSI (6month cycle)

This strategy is 99.9% accurate on a weekly timeframe. Once STOCHASTIC RSI reaches the top, there's no more tomorrow. it's time to sell and the good news is it's hit PIVOT LOWER LOW, so what does this mean, do you sell or buy? That's up to you, but PIVOT LOW means it's time to buy but do your research.

BITCOIN is about to do so soon in repeating the same pattern since 2017. I have a hidden gem that shows history repeated.

Pay close attention to the STOCHASTIC RSI, the star of the show, it's about to make the bullish momentum cross over. Go to the day six timeframe for more clarity.

What I'm about to reveal is a strategy of six months. There is about a 99.9% BULL RUN at the beginning of the six-month day cycle. See it for yourself. It's failed 3 times, I've added some skeletons for failure.
I hope this 6 months cycle GEM is of good value to all of you. I've shared this to help you when you do your trading analysis.

What do you think comes next? we've reached the beginning of the six-month day cycle where the green vertical line is.

This is why, I'm ruling out the BEARSIH FALL which the whole UNIVERSE is proclaiming.

What to expect after 5pm pt. BITCOIN will continue to move up. Be aware BITCOIN might have a small dip but nothing to be alarmed. Will recover as it continues to move up.
As mentioned, BITCOIN will have some small falling but will recover. TA doesn’t read crash or huge dip. If we don’t get a move up now, I’ll have answer after 10pm pt. Meantime it’s expected to keep moving up to a higher value.
There is a reason why this is taking a dip but no reason to alarm anyone yet. No red flags
Traders, hope your day is going as expected. As I share, my goal is to collect real-time data within my analysis.
So here we go again. The good news is one of my setups reads we have huge gains coming our way on a 1Day TF.
This uses a combination setup which uses price change information and time change data. This helps identify potential changes in the stock sentiment. This will expose in case there is a turnover and we have a turnover meaning BITCOIN is moving up from BEARISH to BULLISH very soon.
I’ll try and keep up by sharing information I collect whenever there’s trend fear.
I will be sharing a few alt-coins. When I do, you must use them on a weekly time frame because BITCOIN will start its journey to $85k very soon.

This alt coins have been calculated with pips by using ATR on a long position.
I won’t release just yet, I’ve photo copied numerous with pips calculation. I need price movement first then I’ll add a long position. This will show entry and exit.
It’s good to set up pips when there is BITCOIN confirmation making its way to a nice BULL FUN.
I will not calculate pips in a bearish market. It won’t work but instead I’ll use short position.

Using pips in the middle of a bull run can be dangerous but it’s better to go back and collect ATR data from its lowest pivot.
Why do I keep receiving GOOD DATA TRADING CONFIRMATION? and why do I keep hearing BITCOIN is destined to crash?

A BULL is being developed.

Is BITCOIN BEARISH? As I’ve mentioned months ago, it was a smart money tactic plot to make it look and read bearish.
I spent months telling the HERD, BITCOIN is being manipulated.
This was a manipulation to make TA convince its time to sell and many did sell for whatever reason.

The intentions were and still are to read BITCOIN is crashing below $40k to $7k and my analysis says it’s not.

I’ve said before, THIS IS A FAKE OUT. BITCOIN will recover and shows to PUMP higher.
Many already know this regardless of TA reading BEARISH.

We will have some pit falls but the trend will continue to move up.
I’ll share why BITCOIN has struggles, because there’s an equal highs since yesterday at 5pm pt and must be respected for a dip but whales are keeping the price stabled.
BITCOIN will rise again.
How can we know if BITCOIN is being manipulated but smart moneys true intentions is to moves back up the price.
I’ll share later in an idea how smart money manipulates.
This is another strategy some of you can practice in your volume with candlesticks.
BITCOIN reads to move back up to $58,380. I’m using 479.7 pips. Target is still 65K then $85k
As mentioned days ago traders, tomorrow is 7/10. BITCOIN is scheduled for another JR BULL RUN afterwards.
That’s how it reads. It may start developing by today after 5pm pt.
Will update soon.
Soon BITCOIN will reach $58,380. I used 479.7 pips. Target is still at 65K then $85k

Here is the same method: 9740.1 pips $85k

Did more research, BITCOIN will start making its way up. This has been rated based on length. Will come with minor dips. It’s a 1D TF.

I understand many are still claiming for a huge pitfall
but first I’m focusing on what’s next and not for later. Later can change and reads to change to BULL MODE.
No matter what I show, it won’t change mind thoughts but sharing is wonderful.

Im getting better as a beginner. I’ve learned a lot this past 1 month and learning will not come to an end.
It’s important for me to focus on whale movements. This helps unveil WHALE PLOTS.
Will continue to move up. Nothing to be alarmed if there’s a mini down fall
BTC will recover, downtrend will end soon.
BIT making its way for recovery. By 10pm pt I’ll have new update
In about 21 minutes I’ll be likely promising some good news. We might expect a BULL EXPLOSION.
9/10 BULL Release might get here more sooner than what I know.
BITCOIN has established a hidden double bottom. I usually use ATR without using pips at 1.5% to 2% risk reward ratio but I’m keeping it at 1%.
1% reads on a long position $62,655. This is only a scalping hidden double bottom I found on a volume chart 7HR TF.
This was just a golden nugget that was out there to be found.
All targets mentioned before are still valid.
Be ready in case there’s a correction. There are two lower gaps at $57,849. I’ve marked correction to my MA which is a little below the most recent two gaps on a 1hr TF. Does not mean it’s headed there. It’s just a warming thought of not to panic in case it does. Remember, BITCOIN will have partial dips while moving up.
This will cause some traders to hurry and sell to get out of the trade, it’s a whales concept before they keep moving the trend up.
BITCOIN will make its way up again. This was a whales concept vs retail.